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Something i found about the best story ever
So this story is basically about a tentacled futanari who is also quite the tsundere which gets cheated and stolen while giving a paizuri by a femdom partner who is very into a**l which got very vanilla instead when she gave some oral in a mizugi while being tied up in her bare shimapan with some girl on girl action when the teacher with her big oppais and megane showed up and turned into a big harem, including a maid in kemonomimi who gives some great ashikoki service while being licked by her twin sister in stockings cosplaying as dark skinned schoolgirl. Then there is the housewife who likes some forced chikan play with toys who cheats on her husband with some tanlines while taking it up in the a** by another yandere man and gets totally humiliated in front of a random trap nurse. The tomboyish osananajimi monster girl rushes in to see the tentacled futanari ******** wildy and had the horniest ahegao ever. Which in turn was a dream.