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Creating 3D Art Part 2: Electric Boogaloo (Image Heavy)
I felt the need to write up a second journal about this art piece, featuring Mina.
It's a slow, laborious process. Granted I was never very fast at using 3D software, and I am still learning how Maya works.
Also, this scene is turning out to be the largest, most complex one I've ever made. (Hey - it's a labor of love).


First of all, let me introduce you to the screen I've been looking at!

Now, let's take a closer look at the top left window, where the magic happens:

In the background, you can see a Romani caravan and a campfire.
Dancing around the campfire will be the second character, Rose.
I haven't included her in the scene yet, as I'm still working on her.
... To get an idea of what she may look like, I've taken the liberty of dressing up my current avatar as her.... smilies/icon_redface.gif

Now, here's a wider image of the scene, floating around in space:

(I'm just lucky Maya has stock paintbrush models of oak trees!)

Here are two un-rendered screenshots of what Mina looks like up close:

Oy.... One of the biggest problems I had while putting her in a rested pose was making her shoulders look natural.
(Is it just me, or does her arm pit look really weird?) >_o

... Let's take at look at the mesh:

Turning on the wireframe view, you'll notice that her eyes are fixed in place. The texture is a static image, and can't be animated.
A note to prospective animators out there: do not do this. If you want to create a character to be animated, the eyeballs should be separate objects tucked inside the head.

Also worth pointing out is Mina's scar. It's not colored very well. It is something I've determined should be adjusted post-production in Photoshop.

Now, two close-ups of Mina's face rendered:

Lighting is not my strong suit. I'm still learning it.
In these images, the lighting is not at a good angle. That's because this is not the final camera shot.

Now, let's take a look at the background, a work in progress. Pre-rendered and fully-rendered samples:

I don't think I like the wallpaper on Rose's caravan. I may redo it, to make it look nicer....
Also, I think I need to make the campfire bigger.

Finally, here's my first draft of the foreground.
I'm almost too afraid to add the background, because it might ruin the nice glow of the tree branches up against the night sky.