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Now if this was in any use...
No, not really working, is it?

I was a cheap b*****d back then. But I was such a scruffy guy with that avatar. My dear friend, Lucifer was besides me. And the Box of Yaoi... was... a box of yaoi. I tried getting avatar art of the three of us. Well, didn't do such a good job.

Oh dear. Cosplay time. I'm cosplaying Ma Dai, while my friend did a Ma Chao cosplay. Both Dynasty Warriors 7 version. I honestly forgot why he cosplayed as Ma Ch- Oh. Oh yeah, we were cosplay buddies. Yeah, we did a few good cosplays with eachother actually. It was fun. |'D

The blondie one made this. I kind of died of laughter of this. It makes sense at times. I was still an idiot, and still Orochi. And Raigar was still Raigar. Even now. It's kind of cute. I just wish I had art of this too. LOL.

Here we go. We were just in out previous cosplay outfits until we've decided to be... nude in cosplay towns. LOL. Apparently Gaia didn't have good hair for my Gan Ning cosplay, but the Ling Tong cosplay was totally fine - except I made that cosplay too. LOL. I love making Koei cosplays. If anything, I should be the best at it. Now I feel bad because I gave up on my Orochi cosplay. HAHA.

Here's another one. Except Ma Chao's doing the talking. It's nice, because we actually act like that in real life. Except I don't call my friend YOUNG MASTER - because he isn't my master. Yes, of course. But he is younger than me.

Ah, old times. We were just wandering in towns. I was still in that sort of relationship with Raigar long ago. He's still a cheap guy now, but he's still... decent. I've gotten a few art requests of this. I was wondering what happened though. I used to use buying coup art of us. Well, we're not a couple anymore so, -shrugs- Where is Raigar now...?

HAHA. THIS CRAP. I love this. I realized the Death Whisper item had the middle finger pose, and Strings had tried to dress up as Taigong Wang. Although, it isn't bad. But I wished Gaia updated and he could do better with it. Not that bad though, right?

I kind of knew how this exactly went through.
I was just sitting in towns, and I met Bates because we kind of... well, contradicted eachother? Well, we looked nice, that's all. And Bitter came in and we started talking about art. Bates did draw very well, but I never had enough gold to buy from him. LOL. Well, maybe now. Who knows. And then Bates lefts and then I encountered him unexpectedly - and so far... I don't know anymore.

Look at this.
It's Bacon. You can't deny the Bacon. And my awesome avatar. HA... Yeah, no.

This is just... old. LOL. My old username used to be Lukashibu. Which is a combination of Lu Bu from DW and Kakashi from Naruto. Back then those were my two obsessions. And.. I DON'T LIKE THEM ANYMORE. And I've liked the Yemaya Pearl at that time. Jellyfish ~ ; w;"

Okay... apparently the previous screenie was too far back. It came from Lukashibu to Lukashibu 1097 and then Z Orochi SX and then Shin Orochi X.
I was not bright back then. I ended up watching this random Nazi Fish video and... it's stuck in my head. AND I CAN STILL REMEMBER HOW IT GOES. WOW.

Yes. Just yes. I saw a Sun Wukong cosplayer long ago and I was happy. Because I thought I would be the only one. I decided to change into my Orochi cosplay(my cheap old one) and had fun. Yasune was some annoying derp I've had some little three-way relationship(with Raigar) and Pasta. I MISS PASTA. :c

...I don't know what to say about this. But I liked the avatar I had that time. It was cute.

Yes. We are a family. I've met Cest because we had sort of the same eyes. And Buns... I don't know, he came in there. ; w ;" But it was a fun time.

The first ever Warriorz Party and probably the last one. LOL. I missed this crew so much, but we all separated ways. We were just.... they were my favorite Koei group to be with. Mister Awesume was our Guildmaster. And I guess he neglected the guild now because of life. And now I'm the Vice Captain, and then Ishida Maeda somehow... not really working on it now... and yeah. We're not progressing much now.

This... yeah. I was naked. Okay.

Another screenie of the same party of the Warriorz!

This was the time when those collectibles just came out. They were kind of nice. c:

Warriorz! Pool party! emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

Eh... this Warriorz! Party kind of bummed out. So it was just us three. ;c I think it was a Halloween party...

I'll... put comments on these later.

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