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Matar's Diary
Second Stage Supernova #1 - Heat
She felt warm. Anger was warm, and it was a little painful, and it was dangerous for a star like her. But she couldn't hold her anger back. Her body was always warm, so warm--but not like this. This warmth was bad.

But it made her feel more powerful.

The black hole she was up against was small, inexperienced. It looked at her with empty eyes, black and nearly lifeless. There was barely even a glimpse of emotion, and not a single thing was reflected in them. Not Matar herself, not even the body floating behind her--the cold, dead body of a fellow star. The warmth inside her grew. It was almost uncomfortable. Almost.

"I loved him, you know."

Her voice was not her own. So suddenly, so seamlessly, she'd given in to her anger and the voice she spoke in now was not hers. Everything was so warm, and her hair floated gently in a nonexistent wind. Each strand had turned a warm, warm gold.

Her heart was warmest of all. Burning, in fact.

She smiled at the black hole, and were it not for her boiling rage it might have sweet and warm and almost--but only almost--like her old self might have smiled. But this smile was forced, and bitter, and they both knew it. Mockingly, the black hole smiled back.

"You could have gone in peace," Matar said. "Reset yourself like others do. Why did you do this? I can't let you live now."

"I know. I don't care. I want to die forever. I was worthless as a star. Everyone thought so. If I came back like this, I knew someone would have to kill me, for good this time."

Matar's expression softened, but only a fraction. "Who were you?"

"Nobody," said the black hole. "And everyone from my old constellation will be nobodies, too. Just like him." It gestured carelessly to the cold, dead star behind Matar and scowled threateningly. "And you, if you don't go away."

"You killed my friend." Her voice was cold. Hollow.

"I'll kill anyone who stops me. Or tries to, anyway."

Her heart was so, so hot now.

"You won't kill me," Matar said, voice quiet but edged in ice.

"You're just an Eta Star. You can't do anything." The black hole grinned at her, bright white fangs bared in a teasing manner, sharply contrasting against dark, purple-black skin. The words stung, as if the black hole had dug those fangs right into Matar's heart. The heat was scalding now.

If she didn't do something soon, her heart would burn right out of her chest. So she smiled, letting the burning heat overwhelm her, letting it fill every inch of her body. She was so, so angry. She'd never felt this enraged before.

She watched the panic fill the eyes of the black hole, where once had been an empty void. She relished every second. Was she truly so fearful? Did the black hole regret underestimating her? Almost as an afterthought, she wondered if she was glowing. She wished she was facing someone else, whose eyes would reflect her beautiful, angry light rather than swallow it up hungrily, even through fear. Her grin widened.

"You're wrong. I can do this," Matar said, and she let the last of her rage swell into her heart and it burst, burst into a beautiful, wonderful heat. It reflected brilliantly, though just for a moment, in the fear-filled eyes of the black hole as it was dissolved into nothingness.

Matar laughed, felt her own body being turned into nothing more than stardust, and her vision flickered...

She blinked and found herself back at home, in her place within the constellation, and she frowned. All she could remember was a painful, vengeful heat. She put a hand to her heart and closed her eyes. "I never liked being angry," she murmured.

Her heart beat gently, and she could still feel the warmth.

Eta Star Matar
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