Hey there everyone! c: Well this a bit different from what I normally write, but I feel good about it! Now I must warn you this is very heavily opinion based. If you cannot handle other's opinions then I wouldn't read it if I were you, anyways if you do read I hope ya enjoy! I started this back in June and finished a few months ago, but I got distracted with other projects and forgot to post it. Anyways... Read one if you wish.

Important Topics. By Kristin.

Hey there! The name's Kristin and I'm here to discuss some topics, that I feel need to be talked about more.

Also as I talk about each topic... Just know that I'm giving MY opinion on them, and its fine if you feel different about something I discuss. Because no one is gonna agree on everything! Now then let's get started!

1. Abuse: Ah yeah... Abuse it's something I hate with every fiber in my body. Growing up in a abusive home I know how hard it is to deal with the issue. I often had to stand up for myself, deal with yelling and yes even at times... Being hurt physically. It wasn't fun for me and I'll admit even outside of my family... I've been harassed and abused as well. In the house it was mostly my father, but then there was my mom and sister who like me had to fight back in order to survive. Well let's just say that at times when you're abused and you learn to stand up for yourself. You become an abuser too. Not in the way that the person you're fighting is... But you're still an abuser. My mom and sister changed their ways though. And so did I after my dad left. However we thought we were out of the drama, but it was only beginning. A few months later in August I was about to go back to school. I'd be in 7th grade and I was excited! However... The excitement died down faster than I thought it would... My dad got a girlfriend and they both began to harass my mom, sis, and I... So badly that they'd stalk us... Tried to break into our house... Blamed my mom for s**t got an order of protection against her for no reason... And yes we went to court. It was a horrible year just horrible. I went on Homebound. Which is like home schooling, but instead of your parent teaching you, a teacher from your school comes to teach you your lessons and gives ya homework to do.

It was all I could handle at the time... I tried so hard to stay in school. I tried as best as I could, but... When I was there all I could think about was how I was always worried about my sister and mom getting hurt cause I wasn't home to make sure that they were safe.

My friends and my teachers picked up on my emotional state too. Many asked if I was okay... I'd be tired in classes nearly falling asleep... And a few times I did fall asleep, but luckily I would wake before anyone seemed to realize. When my friends asked me what was going on... I'd say I was fine and I'd pretty much make up any excuse to avoid the conversation... But at one point... I was out of school for two weeks because I got so sick from being anxious, lack of sleep, and overloaded on work. When I got back it was clear to all the of people I knew that I wasn't okay.

I finally opened up to my friends about everything I was going through... They made me feel better! I began to spend more time with them at school. We'd talk a lot and well yeah... There they were helping me. My mom and my teachers talked a lot too. They cut down on my homework, and school work to help with my stress, I began to go half a day to school too, which the school does for students dealing with huge issues... However there were days I still couldn't go to school. And it finally came to at a point where one morning I woke up and it was about Ten O'Clock. I went downstairs and my mom told me I was going on Homebound. I agreed with her right away. Cause god... I knew it was the best thing for me. And even though I had known that for a while, I still went to school cause I was trying hard to stay for my friends... But sometimes you just have to do what's best for you and no one else... So that's exactly what I did!

I felt horrible though... I left my friends without being able to explain why I was gone all of a sudden. Some who had my number tried calling me too... I couldn't bring myself to answer... I was just too depressed. I was Homebound for the rest of 7th grade... And then in 8th grade too. And as 8th grade was almost ready to begin... I was preparing myself for a new year when I found out my dad and I were going to go to counseling, and see each other again.

I didn't like the idea at all, but I wanted to try and so try I did. It seemed as if things were getting better for me. Even though my dad and I still had ups and downs... It wasn't anything like the year before.

Then... It came the last nine weeks of the school year. It was the busy and busy... I had finals, I had agreed to go back to school for the 8th grade grad... I had homework, tests nearly all the time, and I was on very little sleep. I didn't miss a day of Home bound, my teacher would stay for three to four hours it was a lot.

I worked so hard and guess what? At the grad I got a math realized and great marks! But... My friends seemed to hate me as I came back for grad practice the day before the real ceremony.

They wouldn't talk to me... Of course they thought I had up and left them! Cause I did, but if they had just given me the chance... They would get why I couldn't talk to them, or even go to school.

However a few people I knew did come and talk to me. They weren't in my old group of friends, but I knew them and they were nice. We were friends we just didn't have the same group, but we did share classes and stuff.

Anyways the next day I crossed the stage proudly and that night I went to Olive Garden with my family, and then I left with my grandma, aunt, and one of my cousins for a trip at my grandma's house for a week.

It was amazing and so much fun! As summer went on I was going to go back to school for my Freshman year, but... I was getting scared because I would be going to new school... That was huge... Where I really would be alone. Without friends I didn't know where I'd fit in or belong... I didn't want to be alone cause it sucked.

So I was on home bound again... Because I just couldn't do it... Not yet at least. But at the end of Freshman year... My teachers, mom, and I all had an IEP meeting at school. I'm in Special Ed which is for students with learning disabilities. I have Asperger's syndrome which in many ways I have been able to over come, but I still struggle with it from time to time.

This always seemed to be something that made me different, from all of my old friends. None of them had a a learning disability. So they didn't know what it was like... But anyways back to the point... At the IEP meeting we discussed a lot of things... And the whole getting me back into school thing came up. Well turns out that meeting was one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

At the meeting there was a teacher named Miss. Diehl who is very very nice! She teachers special Ed classes, and so... I asked if I could try and maybe come a few days to her class... See if I could get comfortable and used to the school. At first I wasn't really counting on staying in the class... But as I went a few days that first week... I made friends right away and I was welcomed to the group. Everyone in the class is so nice and mostly are together for the whole day. I soon realized that they were the friends I had always wanted. And so... I told them I'd be in the class next fall and they were all very excited! I was in the group before Freshman year ended! And then went on to summer ready to see them again next August.

So from being harassed and abused... Which was the thing that made me leave school, my friends, a lot of what I knew... Didn't keep from going back which was hard, but knowing I'm welcomed there now I feel fine!

Abuse knocked me down... But I got back up and fought! Cause no matter what anyone does they won't make Kristin fall.
2: gays/ Lesbians.

: This is something that is a really important to me. A topic that everyone talks about and something that a lot of people don't agree on.

But often I wonder... Why? Why can't people agree on it. This is personal to me because I'm a lesbian and I'm really really close friends with bisexuals, gays, and lesbians, I'm friends with straight people too! I don't hate them at all. And those people are awesome! Doesn't matter what their into they can still be amazing! A lot of others think that not being straight, means you're not a good person, you're horrible, that you're gonna go to hell and that they won't be able to do anything. But that is wrong they're wrong. Because being different is fine! I mean look at me I'm a lesbian and I've been through a lot and I've overcome so much.

People who put down others who aren't straight, make fun of them, hurt them, hate them or do anything negative to them are stupid and blind. They can't face that others aren't always going to be like them. And if we're all god's children. as they say... Then why are they like this? I mean really because... When others are mean to people who aren't the same. It doesn't send the message that we're all god's children.

So... That saying doesn't make any sense... And I don't think it ever did to be honest. The Bible says so many things, but they're not all true. In fact... I don't see how any of them are 100% true at all... it's supposed to be is that it's a girl and a boy? No one said it's supposed to be that way! And it's not supposed to be that way and it's doesn't have to be! It won't be and it never will, and it's never supposed to have been the straight path, and it will never be that way.

Because a girl and a girl, a boy and a boy are just as right as the straight couples are! So everyone who thinks otherwise well I'd say you've been brainwashed. You're not opening and accepting and that's bad! Being welcome to different people is an awesome thing to have, but without it... You think so locked up that you can't see the whole world and what it's worth. And you can't see that even different people are as awesome as you are. The Bile Is A Book Of Faith, and yes I believe in god. I'm a christian, but that doesn't me I gotta go by every word the book says.

So yeah not this is just how I look at it. So if you feel different that's fine!

3. Trans Genders And Cross dressers: I have nothing against these people, I have a cousin that is Male To Female Trans Gender and she is a wonderful person! I love and care about her with all my heart! And cross dressers I know a few of 'em and they're great people! So yeah like others who aren't straight, Trans Gender and Cross dressers are awesome people too! Cause being different is fine, because different is what makes the world go round. I don't see why it's such a big deal with these people. They're just like the rest of us! So what if cross dressers wear other gender's clothing? So what if Transgenders change their bodies to be who they really are? These people know what they want, and exactly who they are! Nothing is wrong with them.

5. Ranking: Okay so there's a lot of people, who seem to think that if they're higher, than someone else... That the person in the lower position can't do much as them... Nor can they ever be better than them. Yeah that's something that really pushes my buttons... Because those high up people who are snobs... Think they're smarter and everything because of harder classes in school, being talented at sports, and being all popular um yeah... I don't like those people at all. Also the same thing seems to go for a lot of parents.. Haha very funny cause seriously? Lots of parents are High School drop outs, or just plane idiots. In fact I've got friends with this issue as I've dealt with it myself with my dad. Now with school this seems to be very important to a lot of students... I don't see why it is though. You don't have to be popular to have friends or do anything stupid like drugs, beer, or smoking for others to like you either. Cause are those people worth it? Um no no they're not. So like what gives? It's so annoying that people have be snobs, think they're better than the others, cause they're not better then anyone. They're just mean, are way too freaking proud, and are blind in the eyes.

So it shouldn't matter someone's ranking! They can actually be very talented! And yes even smarter at a lot of things. Cause for one I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. And yeah my life doesn't involve snobby people and neither do my friends.

6: Putting The Right People First: This is a very good topic to discuss. Putting friends, family, and your best friend first before anyone you're dating, or married to is very important to do.

As they say Bros Before Hoes! Of course that is more towards guys putting their friends a girlfriend, but my friends and I despite some of us being girls use that term too. So... When someone you're with wants all of time... Uh yeah I don't see how anyone could stand that. Also if you're always blowing your family and friends off for this guy or girl... Well soon enough they're gonna know they've had a enough and won't be your friend anymore, and if they're your family they won't be happy with you.

Cause when you start having problems with your lover, or you two break up. Who will be there to comfort you? No one... Cause you've lose your friends and your family is probably just gonna stand there and say: "What I tell you? I knew you were making a huge mistake, but you wouldn't listen to me," So yeah do yourself a favor and do not put your girlfriend, boyfriend, etc before anyone else!

7: Bullying: Okay so this I think could've been talked about in the abuse topic, since bullying is related to it in many ways... In fact I don't know it's not related to it at all. But anyways... This topic has been talked about a lot these days. And I'm gonna be honest here bullying is horrible! Kids being mean to other kids. Teens picking on a smaller, or weaker one. Why? Why would be do that? See here's the thing. It seems to me that if someone takes something the wrong the way at times, or is pissed off cause they got a mean message, text, got called bad names often become bullies themselves. Yes it's right to stand up for yourself, but to stoop to their level is wrong. You're then being just as immature, stupid, and mean as them. So here's some tips: If the bully comes up and starts something out of the blue, just ignore them and walk away. This way you're being the BETTER person. If they come after you or follow. Just keep ignoring 'em. No matter how upset they make you feel. That's what bullies do they want a reaction. So don't you dare give them one!

Bullying is wrong, it's always wrong! Don't try and get a bully back either! Cause as I said then you're a bully too. It makes you no better than them. I don't care if they did something bad, it doesn't mean you have to and you shouldn't! So stay yourself no matter what happens!

8: Drinking, Doing Drugs, and Smoking: God I hate these people who think they're all that, just because of these dangerous, stupid, and worthless things.

Yes things... I hate bottles of beer, other dangerous drinks, drugs, and cigarettes with such a passion, that they're not even worthy of nice names.

I don't know who first came up with the idea for these, but if I ever found out I'd go back in time and stop them from making the idea come true.

All they do is hurt, kill, and get people in trouble. They have no good purpose at all they've done is make our world a lot worse.

But really! They haven't done a good thing and they won't... To be honest I wish they'd just off the market and become unavailable to everyone.

9: Religious Beliefs: Okay someone's religious beliefs depend on their religion. Here's a list of the many religions around:

1. Abrahamic religions.
1.1 Babism.
1.2 Bah ' Faith.
1.3 Christianity.
1.3.1 Other groups.
1.4 Druze.
1.5 Gnosticism.
1.6 Islam.
1.7 Judaism.
1.8 Rastafari movement.
1.9 Black Hebrew Israelites.
1.10 Mandaeans and Sabians.
1.11 Samaritanism.
1.12 Shabakism.
2 Indian religions.
2.1 Ayyavazhi.
2.2 Bhakti movement.
2.3 Buddhism.
2.4 Din-i-Ilahi.
2.5 Hinduism.
2.6 Jainism.
2.7 Meivazhi.
2.8 Sikhism.
3 Iranian religions.
3.1 Manichaeism.
3.2 Mazdakism.
3.3 Mithraism.
3.4 Yazd nism.
3.5 Zoroastrianism / Parsi.
4 East Asian religions.
4.1 Confucianism.
4.2 Shinto.
4.3 Taoism.
4.4 Other.
5 African diasporic religions.
6 Indigenous traditional religions.
6.1 African.
6.2 American.
6.3 Eurasian.
6.4 Oceania/Pacific 6.4.1 Cargo cults.
7 Historical polytheism.
7.1 Ancient Near Eastern.
7.2 Indo-European.
7.3 Hellenistic.
8 Mysticism and Occult.
8.1 Esotericism and mysticism.
8.2 Occult and magic.
9 Neopaganism.
9.1 Syncretic.
9.2 Ethnic.
10 New religious movements.
10.1 Creativity.
10.2 New Thought.
10.3 Shinshukyo.
11. Left-hand path religions.
12. Fictional religions.
13. Parody or mock religions.

So I don't even know what most of these religions believe in. But I do know that people believe in whatever they want, and worship any god that they have. I don't have anything against different religions, or beliefs. And neither should you. You don't have to understand the different people, you just gotta accept that they can have different beliefs than you, and lots of people don't even have a religion or believe in god and that's fine too! It's whatever they want.

10: Blacks, Whites, And other cultures/ races.

So I've heard so much about people not accepting people from different countries, and having different colors.

Yeah the law changed how Blacks can live, but there's still people who do not like them, and I just don't get why that is. How would someone who's white feel if they were judged just because they weren't Black? Not too good that's for sure.

It doesn't matter what anyone looks like, because if they're beautiful on the inside and that's all that counts.

And now on to different races and cultures.

I don't get why people are against others who are not in their race, or are from a different place where cultures are not the same.

This really makes me mad how some think these people are evil, not skilled, etc just because they're different.

As I said before being different is what makes the world go round, and without difference how could we keep learning about so many things? That's just it we couldn't...

So yeah knock it off. Cause being different is just fine.

11: Furries: Now this topic is a bit more difficult to talk about. Simply because rather than someone of another color or from a different place, a furry is harder for me to accept, or rap my mind around.

As I've said I'm really opened minded about a lot of things. However this furry thing is just really, really, really hard to understand.

A person who dresses up in a costume everyday, goes out as an animal, never really takes their outfit off, even when it comes to sex. As I've heard they cut a hole in their clothing for that... Now I 100 percent accept and support cross dressers. I see nothing wrong in liking another gender's clothes. And you'd probably think well... Why does it matter then when someone dresses daily as an animal? The answer to that is simple. Because furries go way over board. Thus making it so inappropriate that it's unbearable.

Don't get me wrong I wouldn't be so bothered by it, if they weren't so over the top about it. But due to the fact that these people mostly wear the same thing everyday, and do mostly everything in the costume... Well it's just a bit scary.

I mean like... I can look past it for friends, family, and anyone I care about, but strangers... Just that gives me the chills seeing someone like that around town.

I'm not hating on furries or anything. Hating is wrong, but they just go too far for my taste. Anyways that was the last topic I wanted to cover. I felt it would be a good idea to write about the issues we're facing today. So hope everyone enjoyed this. I didn't mean to offend anyone so if you're reading this and are now mad... Please calm down.