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New Camp Half-Blood Profile
‘ {{ _____ x - - - - The Basics «---]

        [ x ] Name.... Amyra Éag-Amhrán
        [ x ] Nicknames.... Ria, Amy (which she hates)
        [ x ] Age.... 17
        [ x ] Gender.... Female
        [ x ] Sexuality.... Bisexual
        [ x ] Height and Weight.... 6'5" and 187 lbs
        [ x ] Piercing.... Both nostrils, angel and snake bites, eyebrows, and the rims of both her ears
        [ x ] Tattoos.... The words hope, strength, and serenity are tattooed down her right bicep in Traditional Chinese Calligraphy (希望, 寧靜, & 強度)

‘ {{ _____ x - - - - Get to Know me «---]

        [ x ] God Parent.... Hades
        [ x ] Personality.... Amyra is generally patient, slow to anger but fast to calm down, shy, and really loves kids. She's very down-to-earth, and kind to those in need. She is highly intelligent, and can easily read another person’s emotions. She can be ruthless, if the situation calls for it, blunt to the point of rudeness, and extremely stubborn.
        Amyra is talented at analyzing situations. She loves spending time with people, as long as she doesn't have to interact much. When she does interact with people, it is usually as a mediator during arguments or fights. She is rather shy, but has the determination to survive terrible events. In a battle situation, if she is forced to enter one, she prefers to use wit and cunning instead of force; she normally succeeds. She cares little, if at all, about the opinions of others.

          [ x ] Likes..... Reading a good book; playing the harp; drawing; riding her black Clydesdale stallion; solitude; making jewelry
          [size=11] [ x ] Dislikes....
          Summer; being talked down to; leaving something undone; hurting animals unnecessarily; being useless

        [ x ] Fatal Flaw.... Will sacrifice everything to save someone she loves, Hates asking for help
        [ x ] Strength.... Objectivity, Adaptable, Determined, Persuasive, Caring, Loyal
        [ x ] History.... Amyra was born in the small town of Kinnegad, Ireland. Her mother was a jewelry maker who regularly traveled to Dublin to sell her creations, leaving her b*****d daughter in the care of her neighbors. Amyra’s life was uneventful for a while. She was first allowed to go to Dublin when she was seven. When she was eleven, Amyra wandered away from her mother’s stall in the marketplace. After getting hopelessly lost, she ran into a nice man who said he would take her home to her mommy. He didn’t. The last thing Amyra remembered was the man handing her a funny smelling hanky.
        How long the man kept her in his basement, she wasn’t sure. She just knew that she wasn’t alone –– and that many people had died there before. When the police finally found her, her captor had blinded her before he escaped. Once she regained consciousness in the hospital, the police had more bad news. Amyra had been missing for two years. Her mother had lost hope completely and committed suicide.
        Amyra tried to live a normal life, but no one around her would let her forget what had happened. After a while, she ran away to America. After only a few weeks there, she was found by a Satyr and brought to Camp Half-Blood. Because of her traumatic experience, Amyra has trained herself in various martial arts, but her preferred weapons are throwing knives.

        [ x ] Crush/Relationship.... N/A

‘ {{ _____ x - - - - The Details «---]

[list][list][list] [ x ] My Home Town ... Kinnegad, Ireland
[ x ] Powers.... Can see, and speak to ghosts; Weakness- can be overwhelmed by the voices of the dead in a particularly crowded area; Limits: cannot control the dead
Shadow travel; Weakness- drains her of energy, especially if she carries passengers; Limits- she can only jump a certain distance without passing out at the other end
Summon and manipulate precious items (metals, ores, gems, etc.); Weakness- The objects are almost always cursed, although the curses only rarely work on her; Limits- Often summons cursed items while emotionally charged, is drained of energy if she summons intentionally
Sense and manipulate tunnels and underground passages; Weakness- if rendered unconscious while manipulating a tunnel, it will most likely collapse; Limits- can only sense within a certain range, although the range will widen as her control and experience grows, drains her of energy and can knock her unconscious

[ x ] Weapons of Choice.... A pair of matched long daggers, which were 'blessed' by the local Fae near her hometown; A Stygian Iron saber; A Celestial Bronze bladed longbow and quiver with arrowheads of Celestial Bronze
[ x ] Status.... Regular Camper

‘ {{ _____ x - - - - Puppet Master «---]


I will show you fear in a handful of dust. – T.S. Elliot

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