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Momo's Rants
Freya Orlan. Female. Seventeen. An elf girl who loves adventure and quests. She's not the best adventurer, failing to carry a weapon with her.
[url=http://s100.photobucket.com/user/Kitkit3792/library/Freya Orlan]Art Gallery[/url]

Kohaku. Female. Five tail fox. 226 years of age. Appears to be in her mid-twenties. A lazy creature that enjoys having others do things for her. Rather persuasive.
Art Gallery

Ryo. Male. Dragon Humanoid. Twenty-four. Is a young dragon. Has the horns and tail of a dragon. Typically calm and reserved in nature. When angered, can breathe a blue fire. This fire isn't capable of hurting others. It is simple a defense mechanism.
Art Gallery Only the original artwork.

Hea Jeung. Male. Race Unknown. Appears to be in his early twenties. Feminine boy. Loves makeup and butterflies. Very easy to bribe with sweets. Shy when meeting strangers he believes to be older than himself. Has a childish manner about him and thus gets along better with people younger than himself. He appears to others as a ditz, often speaking to plants and animals(mostly butterflies). Has Wind Fire Wheels on his shoes that he can use to fly. Not experienced with them, he can't fly high and often falls.
[url=http://s100.photobucket.com/user/Kitkit3792/library/Hea Jeung]Art Gallery[/url]

Chie. Female. Human. Ninja in training. Sixteen. Has a serious demeanor. Enjoys poetry and coin. She has a knack for managing paperwork such as a business's finances. Plans her work around how much of a profit she'll make. Has trouble just enjoying life.
Art Gallery

Ame. Female. Pakpak Kuncho (Winged Rabbit). Thirteen. Innocent soul. Loves to hug and cuddle others. Blind to the terrible world around her. Kept on a private land. Longs to see the world outside the gates, but isn't allowed to leave. Enjoys vegetables and flowers. Often scolded for eating the land's flowers.
Art Gallery

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