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This Is All My Demonic Writing
My First Writing


Dedicated to: Nicholas hoult, JK Rowling, Isaac marion, Nicholas Masselli.

I'm Dreaming, Its A Nightmare. I See What Is My Family, their walking Away from me "Hey Guys!!" I Yell. The Don't Respond. I Look To The Right.. There is a Car Speeding! "GUYS WATCH---!!!" As I Stop All I See Is My Mothers Arm Hit The Ground Near Me. "Ahhhhhh!!" I Scream. Nobody Can Hear Me For I Seem To Be The Last Person... On Earth. There Is Nobody Around Me. I Run Away From The Death... I keep Running and running and running, Looking backwards, i Ran Into Something... I Look Forward To See...A Zombie... The zombie is making groaning noises. I See A Metal rod 15 meters away, I Get Up Off the ground Run To It And Pick it up, i see him walking towards Me, I Run Up To It fast And Pierce Through The Zombies Head.

i see it twitch then it stops moving, i look around and look for shelter .... BOOOOOM! I hear a Loud gun shot, i take the rod out of the zombies head and run towards the noise, as i do i hear people yelling, "Get Over Here!! Now!! HURRY!! Look Behind You!!" as i do, I saw a zombie Chasing After Me, I Run Towards The Man As I Do He Shoots The Zombie And Another loud " BOOOOOM!!" The Zombie Drops Dead. "Hey You Are Aware That You Could Have Gotten Killed? He Says To Me All Serious. " You're Aware That Shooting that gun is only going to attract more?" I Said Scared. "Smart a**" The man replies. 'Follow Me, We Are Going to find more people, here's this" He Says Handing me a Katina. "thanks" I reply Back. "No Problem kid" he says.

Chapter 2 A Girl named Alice

As me and the man were walking in the streets, we heard gun shots and a motorcycle. There was a girl on it. "Hey Boys, You need a ride?" No The Man Says. "Yes We do, dude, look how many walking corpse are behind us!" I Said to the man. "Get On!! By the way, My Name is Alice." Alice said. "My Name is Travis." i said. "My Name is Chester" Chester said (He is the man). "Well Good to meet you, When did you guys start seeing these things?" Alice asked. " I was standing, and my family was walking away from me, i screamed watch out . And this Police car slammed in to them, My mothers are flew towards me, her are was grayish. I Was Run--" I said As Alice interrupted me. " Your family were walking corpse, The cop car that hit them must have had a corpse inside it to." Alice said sadly. " Do You know what happen? To the world?" Chester asked Alice. "No, But im sure as hell going to find out!" Alice replied pissy. "Wow Lady you on your period?" Chester said. Alice Punched Chester in the face, it must have been so hard considering he was bleeding. " Look What you've done because what you said! The Corpse can follow us now! " Alice said to Chester pissed. "Just to remind you, you say that again your a** will be kicked." Alice told him. I Laugh. " Let me feel this tank up, there is a gas station out of town here, its right there, you see it? " Alice said to me. "yeah i see it!" i replied back. We pull up at the gas station, Alice gets off the motor cycle and hugs me, i put my arms around her as well, i cry. "Why are you crying dear?" She asked me. " You Remind me of my mother". i said crying and hugging her more. She puts her hands on my cheeks and says " You know, i can be your new mother" she said. "that would be great" i said. She takes her hands off my cheeks and feels up the tank, after a minute she gets back on the motorcycle.

"Hey, Alice Where Are We Headed?" Chester said. " Don't Know, Honestly You Should be thinking of survival." She Replied. We are heading towards what appears to be a mountain. "Guys, You Ever Mined? Cause That's Where were going to be for the next few days."

Chapter 3, Bloody Mining

She stops as we get closer to the mountain. "Come On, Lets Enter the mine. Me and Chester will block it Travis. " You Sure?" I asked my new mother. "Yes, We dont want anybody to die...... Well Maybe Chester" She said looking at him . Chester was pissed. But Chester knew that if he said anything about a pissy attitude that he would get kicked again. Alice kicked the wooden boards. " Okay, Guys Lets Fill The hole up" She said to us. we all filled up the hole with huge stones in the mine and then piled up dirt to block it then we put wood planks to finish it. " its cold can you start a fire Alice?" i said with a shiver. "Sure, sweetie" She said to me smiling, "thanks" i told her. "your welcome" she said tired. "This will be our home tell we can find other people. she said tired. "boom!" Chester shot himself in the head accidentally why looking at his gun.

blood was everywhere by his body. "hey Travis go get the gun. you can keep it. that a*****e is dead". Alice said laughing. "well that was funny wasn't it?" Alice asked me. "Yeah, it scared me thou!" i said to her.

Chapter 4 New people

We slept threw the night, Alice got up in the middle of the night to take some things from Chesters corpse, then she went back to me and put her arm around me and we both fell asleep. "CRACK!!" zombies tried to get in. Me and Alice both woke up scared. "Travis!! Get that gun ready!!" Alice said to me. The rocks and wood planks fall from the pile an zombies come in. its now day so i can see them crystal clear, "BOOOM!" the gun makes a noise the total of 11 times. "Good job, Travis! you saved us both!! she said to me proudly, I was smiling and said "thank you".


We grab the motorcycle and leave the mine at once, Alice was riding towards this hospital where it looked abandoned. Alice and me both went to the hospital where it was quiet, the lights where flickering on and off. Alice saw some needles and put them in her bags, she told me "we need these to fight those ********". she walks towards the stairs and we see a shadow, "get ready to shoot travis"


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- lI Roxas Il -
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    - lI Roxas Il -
    Community Member

    Fri Jan 24, 2014 @ 07:02am


    ( Dedications And Logo : 2/10/14)

    Bani Cake
    Community Member

    Tue Feb 04, 2014 @ 12:51am

    I thought it would be boring, after reading the first paragraph, it sucked me in. Keep writing! Please, for me? smilies/icon_heart.gif

    - lI Roxas Il -
    Community Member

    Tue Feb 04, 2014 @ 12:54am

    @Bani Cake: thanks! i will check tomorrow at 8 pm smilies/icon_biggrin.gif Or wait for this pm smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

    Pervy Linkz
    Community Member

    Tue Feb 04, 2014 @ 03:12am

    Wow This Is Really Good I Wanna Read More ! ~ <3

    - lI Roxas Il -
    Community Member

    Wed Feb 05, 2014 @ 05:00am


    Community Member

    Tue Feb 11, 2014 @ 06:00am

    I'll have to read this soon. Thank you for putting my name at the end of those who inspired you =P
    But, where did this cover come from? If it's a copyrighted image, you can be sued for using it.

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