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Just A Diary?
I'll just write stuff on here, I guess.
Last night, I had trouble sleeping. I fell asleep around one in the morning, so I guess it shouldn't even be considered "last night," and I had major stomach pains. I was awakened by a text from Adrian at three in the morning. He wished me a merry Christmas, so we were texting each other really cute things in Japanese for about an hour until I fell asleep.

While I was asleep, I had crazy dreams. I remember only four of the dreams though, but not exactly the order they were in.

1. I was at Adrian's house after school. It was a different house than his actual one, and he had what seemed like distant family there. I was changing into a dress for some reason, and my mom and sister showed up to take me home. But I lived in the same neighborhood as him.

2. We had school on Christmas day and for some reason I had a young daughter. A baby. Novena. I let one of my friends, Alex M., hold her. Later on, when he came back, he didn't have her with him. I was yelling "Alex! Where is the baby?" And he replied "I gave it to who it belongs to." So I began to panic and said, "Alex! That's my daughter!" So he told me that he gave it to someone in the daycare to take care of it, because that's probably where he thought she belonged.

3. I was on a bus with people from chorus, and I think I was dead or something. Like a ghost. So my friend Alex A. sticks his hand down my pants, on my leg, and we both jump off the bus and land on the ground at the side of the road. He took his hand out of my pants very quickly, and we ran into the woods. I don't remember what we were running towards, but the setting was very familiar. And, by the way, the hand in my pants thing wasn't sexual at all. Just very odd.

I woke up a little after 8 in the morning, feeling really tired and restless. After being awake for about an hour, I decided to go back to sleep again, having my fourth dream.

4. The one I remember the best out of all of them, and the one that impacted me the greatest. We had school on Christmas, and that Deanna girl and I were talking. Shrum wanted us to help him out for some Christmas thing he was doing by putting Oreos in ziplock bags, but instead of being at school, we were at my house. She and I were not getting along. She was saying things, "Blah, blah, you always give me a look when you're around me and you hate me." It was true, but I said "No I don't." So then we began arguing about Adrian, and then it turned into a fight. She tried to strike me first, but I blocked it. I'm not a fighter at all, not even in my dreams. So I grabbed her, wrapped my legs around her waist, and grabbed her wrists, completely constraining her. Adrian stood there, just watching. He didn't even move when she was trying to get him to help her. "See?" I told her. "He doesn't really care about you or he'd be saving you right now." She struggled free from my grasped and turned around, but I grabbed her hair, pulled her up, and then grabbed her head and slammed it against the tile floor. Her skull cracked, so bad that you could feel the crack in the back of her head. She was unconscious, but I'm not sure if she was still alive or not. I began to freak out, and yelled at my mom that she needed to drive us to the hospital. She just got up and walked out of the door, not caring about what happened. So I called 911, and my dream ended there.

I woke up at almost 11 in the morning, feeling a lot better, but the dream left me feeling strange. I told Charizma about it, and I'm yet to tell Adrian about it. I really want to tell him, but he hasn't responded in a while. It's almost 1 in the morning, but I know he's still awake. He probably lost his phone again... I'm going to call him at 1:30 and hope that he answers.

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