lol.... Random One Piece Slash Fiction dream I had.

It started with Luffy and I spying on Zoro while he was in the shower, then Usopp came in and said something about food being ready. Zoro walks out with just a towel on and he's yelling at Luffy who's ignoring Zoro while he starts yelling out Meat in Japanese. I turn to Zoro and grin evilly after I take his towel from him.

Then me and Luffy start giggling evilly and we run away with Zoro scream and chasing us, meanwhile Usopp is on the ground partially unconscious because he got b***h slapped by Luffy somehow. Then, Zoro finally catches us and beats the living s**t out of us (He's still naked) and then he leaves.

Franky comes by holding and unconscious Usopp over his shoulder and with Chopper at his side. Franky is laughing his a** off and Chopper is freaking out, trying to patch up Luffy and Me.

We all go to the Galley and Sanji is in there setting up the table while Brook is singing something about ******** a dog in the a**. At this point Nami comes in and sits down, casually talking to Chopper and Franky. Usopp's still out cold and Luffy and I start giggling and muttering abbot random s**t.
Then Zoro walks in with nothing but pants on and Sanji starts blushing and looks away all innocently. Luffy and I start giggling and muttering more and Zoro sits down right across from us.

Everyone starts talking cept Brook who was previously hit upside the head with one of Nami's famous "********" attacks. Then Robin walks in and sits next to Zoro, staring at me and Luffy and smiling that little knowing smile she always has. She asks us about why we're laughing. Luffy and I just look at each other, giggle again then look at Zoro. Robin glances at the swordsman, who in turns continues drinking his alcohol.

Then, Robin asks what Luffy and I have been doing all day and I say, "We've been stalking Mr. Marimo over here."Luffy looks at Robin and grins then yells out "YEAH WE WATCHED HIM SHOWER TOO! YOU SHOULD COME WITH US NEXT TIME ROBIN!"
Zoro proceeds spitting out his drink and strangling me and Luffy, screaming random insults at us.

Robin, Nami, Franky and Brook are all laughing, Chopper is trying to wake up Usopp, and Sanji just calmly looks at us and says,"Can i come too?" Then Zoro practically dies from embarrassment and runs off, Sanji giving Chase while Luffy and I die from laughter.

Then I woke up xD