Water God Ninia
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Rusty Hearts Adventure
last night i was playing until ... 3:30 AM? xD
i had so much fun!
first i started at the lower sewage plant and eventually made it to the wine cellar! the quests were still the same as i remembered them, even the "anger management class" quests from George were still there (i'm gonna love destroying 50/100/200 barrels/crates again! xD)
also, i found out rather than counting up from D-1 to D-6 it's instead going down from D-6 to D-1. right now, i'm on D-5 (the day the sky falls down) which is where my original character completed and couldn't get to the cathedral area after! right now, i'm level 12 and i hope to progress more and eventually exceed my original character! =w=

on a side note, i saw a level 50 and i think a 60? i thought 45 was the last level to this game, but i guess i was wrong.. xD