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Whoa, Xmas 2k13
Gotta say...Gaia sure is steppin' up their game. Bloody, look at all of the free items you can get this year for Xmas. Frosted items, the Xmas items, the event items...Sheesh. Unfortunately, I don't have internet...consistently. So....I can only do but so much. Can't participate in the event, this year...Bad enough I can just barely carol in the shops...
And...I finally reached over one milG. I have to admit, it doesn't make things easier.

AND....all of my wishlist items were...glitch'd. Everything is gone, and I had organized everything so splendidly...! I had so many items...!!! Why did this happen on Xmas Eve...? Not to mention during the time the site was having serious lag/loading issues....

This is seriously just not my year...

I don't celebrate Christmas, so...nothing is going on at my house, right now, even though I'm seeing family for the heck of the occasion. The only good thing about that, sans seeing family and checking up on them, is...internet. And I doubt I'll be able to take advantage of it...

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