I'm having a really good xmas thus far. I didn't ******** up anything at work and I've got presents for each person in my family. I only bought a present for my boss outside of the family. I am still brainstorming on what to get Jordan, Andrea, and Christy. I don't think I'll have New Year's with my friends even though I am calling them up and asking them to come over. I'm still scared to contact Christy but I gotta do it. The gain is more than the pain. She's my best friend. It's just what you do.

I'm a highly insecure person so in rp's and in real life I question on both sides. Why would someone thing I wouldn't want to be friends with them or what insecurities they might have because of me! I also have to think of my own because of them.

ugh... typing on my bro's laptop is pissing me off. more later.