When....Your really sad..and you love someone so much but ....
the one time..you have ever chosen 1 person over another...
they have the feeling that you go from one boyfriend to the next and you feel
really bad and start crying in real because you know you
have failed them..but they only think the world of you outside of that one
When you feel like your a let down to everyone and you dont know what to say
and you dont know what to do and your just a stupid 16 year old ******** retard..
sitting here...typing a stupid mother ******** paragraph...thinking that anyone
will understand what your saying or feeling...because they wont...because
the emotions you feel are real and you want that person to be yours so bad
but you have every doupt that you are going to ******** up and ever bit of you begins to
hurt and you just want to end all the pain...
becuase your a ******** slut and you know it...God!!
I just want to ******** scream at the world and ask the lord why he made me
the way I am and why the ******** I am on this planet and why he wont answer me!
Why the ******** and I stuck here when I dont want to be!!
Why the mother ******** hell is this stupid mother ******** soul inside me...
plagued by a 16 year old girl and her mother ******** emotions!!

What ever went wrong!?! why the ******** am I here hurting people!!! Was that the point?!? am I one of the assholes you sprinkled on earth? huh god?!? huh!?!
Am I one stupid little ******** you intended to die early or to hurt everyone and be a criminal of some mother ******** sort?!?!? huh!?!?

.....I dont know what to do....Sitting here...sobbing like an idiot...because...
I dont know what to do...or think...and I...being a stupid 16 year old girl...is just sitting at her desk...and typing down her emotions..hoping someone can tell her what went wrong...and why she is such a horrible person...
Give her answers as to why she feels so dead inside...and hurts people so much..