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The Mind of Kira Well, here I will post various things.. Role Play Character projects, thoughts and opinions, then of course personal matters that I just need to let out, though those will mostly be on Private. The others will be open to friends.

Have Faith In Us Eren
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Item Name: Sister's Will; Niki
Item Tier: Special Ability
Item Construction: In basic appearance, or what may be known as a human appearance it appears to be a short girl; standing at only 4'8 tall with almost chin length white hair and yellow eyes. Her skin is a pale, bone colored white. While when she is actually in the form of a weapon, her size increases to being a 6.5 foot tall blade that is 2 feet wide from blade edge to back. The handle, with a circular curve takes up 1 foot of the weapon length. The blunt back of the blade appears to form a shaft that's hole ends a foot before the blade itself actually ends. This weapon is entirely constructed out of the bone the girl morphed her body into because of her absolute connection with the Kaguya Bloodline to the point that it consumed her body.
Channeling Medium: Bone Manipulation - Ryouma is capable of directly channeling chakra through it to alter the weapons shape in different ways to better fit certain combat situations, very similar to techniques that may be used with the bloodline. Any of these activated with the exception of E can remain activated until a different chakra flow effect is triggered.

E-Rank: With an E-Rank amount of chakra the girl is capable of morphing too and from her weapon form, as well as part way in between.

D-Rank: Produces various two foot long spikes of bone along the weapon entirely, which are both razor sharp and capable of retraction.

C-Rank: Is capable of launching a cluster of inch thick, foot long spiked rods of bone from the port on the weapon just above the blade. This cluster holds six rods of bone that divide to be six inches apart after fired during travel; capable of piercing steel.

B-Rank: Alters the blade to form strong and sharp protrusions along the blade, completely cycling around the frame of the blade itself. These protrusions are capable of rotating around the blade frame for a saw like effect.

A-Rank: The blade shape alters the shape of the weapon to have four different blade edges coming from the tip, where looking at the tip looks like a cross formation. With chakra coursing through it, the blades curve and force the weapon to rotate at the handle, turning the blade into a large and powerful drill like weapon.

S-Rank: A simple yet deadly ability, this form of chakra flow allows the complete construction of the blade to be manipulated, shifting the properties of the bone to create openings and gaps within the bone itself. This allows the weapon to shift parts of the bone, creating gaps at the desired location to let an object pass through as long as it doesn't exceed the size of the weapon. This can be used in multiple ways. The first is by striking someone through another person, which can be accomplished by creating a gap to allow the first person to get through unharmed before reforming to strike whatever it is behind them. In a similar fashion, creating gaps and reforming the weapon can trap things within it, reforming to perfectly fit around the contained person or object to restrain them. The final practical use of this is the absolute reformation while something is within the gap, instantaneously cutting through whatever is within it, unless the material within the gap is harder than steel.
Item Ability: This living weapon's ability lies in the connection to the Kaguya Bloodline, and the ability to transform from a girl to a large bladed weapon. Almost as if a living person, or at least a powerful clone she does have the capability of holding chakra as if a person would. A very large amount for that matter.
She is capable of holding 500 chakra in her body total, all of which must be donated from her wielder when she is in a passive state. Only 50 chakra a post can be donated to her and must be specified on storage count.
With this store chakra she is capable of two different things; one being fighting on her own by using her own weapon channeling abilities to alter her human body state in a very similar way to that of the Kaguya Bloodline and drains her chakra accordingly. The other use of this stored chakra is to be able to give back to her wielder in a time of need, acting as an alternate source of chakra for him if he needs it.

Current Chakra Held 0/500

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