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Happy Christmas!!
This season is full of lots of gift giving, and I've gone a tad crazy
Gifts Given:: 216
But some super sweet people have spoiled me and I love them to pieces!!
Gifts Received::

Toriki-chi :: Sunset Spirit, Monthly for August 2013, and 1 million towards my quest, Fairy Ellette, and Ivory Rose
Sharima :: Cool Rainbow Trout Monokini, Astra-111: Wisteria Breeze
Princess-Orphelia :: Wintry Kisses & Ivory Lacewings
Silver Tear Angel :: Phasing Lily, and Noel's Gift
-Anon Darkness- :: Angel Imp Potion
Silver Tear Angel :: Solar Sash
BloodAngel95 :: Chocaholic Fondue
Akemi Mio :: Bubble Power Transform!
Midnightglow18 :: 500,000 gold
CreamEclair :: Mini Chequer
Cocoskitten :: Literary Luxury
TattedCashRoger53 :: 10 million gold O.O <3
sirinarkhon :: 500,000 gold

and a Spirited 2k9 Captain's Cap, Winter Snow Crystal, Spirited 2k9 Embroidered Stockings & Woodland Fawn Slippers from Anon Gifter(s), thank you ^^

And the BIGGEST thank you in the world to a kind Anon known to me only as the Golden Angel for the most amazing gift I have ever received Astra-46: Antique Lacewings Much love to you my lovely golden angel!!