sora wonk
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i've ******** my sleep schedule
it's 5 am again.

i got this girl a pebbled heart because i like her journal; it's very honest. in response, she writes an entry that is angry and sad because apparently her heart has been broken. the gift is a mockery. maybe that's what she thinks.

that was not my intention, karimoon. i just want people to be happy. but i guess i'm just too weird to understand people and make them happy. i can't do anything right.

i'm finding it harder to enjoy the small things like taking a walk, taking my time, talking to people i like. i can't relax. there's too much i need to do before i graduate. i never want to live at home again. i don't want to waste my father's hard-earned money.

i'm stiff and fussy about morals and ideals that i know are important, but no one else seems to care about. people are all idiots and i hate them. at least until i get some sleep.