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Just A Diary?
I'll just write stuff on here, I guess.
Yesterday was full of tears and laughs, but in the end, everything turned out for the better.

In the morning, Adrian wasn't at school. Yeah, I was pretty worried, considering that he never replied to the text I sent him while school started. A kid on his bus said that the bus never came, and then my best friend, Bertha, said that her bus had to pick up everyone that rode his bus, but he wasn't at the stop when it arrived. He ended up walking back home, but he came to school late and I got to see him right as third period was about to start. I was happy for that moment.

My third period is chorus, so we went around singing Christmas carols to different classes in the school. It was fun, even though there are a lot of people who really can't sing very well. Not to be egotistical, but I am currently the best Soprano in the class. If not the best, then definitely top 3.

But things began to decline during lunch. I walked Bertha to her class (since we have different lunches) and got a call from Adrian as I was walking to the music room, which is where I normally hang out during lunch. When I answered, he told my to come to our English teacher's classroom, because they were going to go caroling to the special needs kids at our school. I figured, why not? So I walked to the classroom, happily, opened the door, and then saw the reason why he went into that class instead of coming to the music room like he normally does...

There is this girl named Deanna. I don't like Deanna, but she and I have never really engaged in a full-on conversation. But Deanna has a tendency to linger around Adrian sometimes. And since I have feelings for Adrian, I don't like the sight of Deanna wrapping her arms around him every chance she gets. Another thing I don't like about Deanna is that the one time we ever did talk, she was talking to me as if I didn't know anything about the boy... Lol, as if. I've been close friends with him for three years, but I've known him for five years. She only transferred to the school this year.

Yeah... I don't like Deanna.

So anyway, when I walked into the classroom, I saw her there. My only word was "Oh." And then I walked out and down the hall. Adrian came out after me, asking me why I wasn't staying. "You know why," I told him. "You know I don't like that girl!"
He walked back to the classroom, saying "Whatever," and I walked to the music room, grabbing my backpack, and left for the library.

As I was venturing to the library, I was stopped by a friend of mine, Eric, and he asked me what was wrong. I told him that nothing was wrong with me, but he didn't seem very convinced.
"Kayla, tell me what's wrong." He demanded.
"Nothing is wrong, Eric, I'm fine." I smiled.

He let it go, and I was finally able to make it to the library. There, I sat at a table in a corner, and the tears began to fall. I texted another friend, Charizma, and told her what had happened. I just needed to tell someone, to just let things out sometimes. I was able to stop myself from crying, before anyone could see. But I was still in a pretty bad mood.

Right before the bell was about to ring, I left the library and began to walk to my class, seeing Adrian walking with other students in the same direction as me (since my French class is located in the same building as the special needs kids). I ignored him, but within a minute, he had come up behind me and put his hands over my eyes, which really scared me shitless. I told him that the bell already rang, and that he needed to go to class, which he did.

French was easy, we just worked on stuff. In AP Psychology we had a conversation about Christmas, religion, and what someone would do if they knew that their friend's boyfriend/girlfriend was cheating on them. My Psych teacher knows that the majority of us in his class aren't religious at all, and he tends to bring up conversations to bring us out of our comfort zone, because that's pretty much what we do in Psychology. And then I get to AP Lang (my English class) and we go caroling to people, but I didn't sing because my excuse was that I'm a horrible singer, which happens to be a huge lie. Then I went to my AP US History class, there was a fire drill, and the day came to and end.

My friend Melanie had missed the bus because the buses left way too early that day (Melanie is a foreign exchange student from Munich, Germany). She used my phone to call her host parents, and got a ride home. Adrian and I then went to our usual spot after school, which is a little clearing in the middle of a ton of trees. I laid out my blanket, and we sat on it, talking. I was still in a pretty bad mood. And I guess our conversation turned out to be pretty bad because he ended up walking away, even though I tried to make him stay. When I asked him if he wanted me to stop trying to stop him, he didn't reply. He just tried to pry my fingers off of him. When he managed to do that, he began walking, and thus I cried for a second time that day. But after about a minute, I forced myself to stop, wiped my tears away, and ran after him. I told them that if he was going to go, then he should at least let me walk him to his destination.

Adrian went back to our spot, and I stood still for about two minutes before following him. When I got there, he was sitting on the blanket, holding my phone. I told him to tell me if he wanted me to stop following him around, but all he said was "How do you delete a text?" I asked him why, but he wouldn't give me a real answer. After struggling to get my phone from him, I lost, and he figured out how to delete texts off of my phone. He had sent me a text that he didn't want me to read because he didn't want to be manipulative. But after we had a talk, he told me what the text said: "You didn't stop me ... :C"

I told him what was bothering me, and read the text that I sent to Charizma aloud to him. And we talked some more. Eventually, the mood lightened, and we started talking*, making out, which leads to other things, and as soon as I knew it, I was completely naked underneath him and we were getting it on.

Afterwards, I got dressed, and the sun began to set. I called my mom and asked when she was going to pick me up, and it took about an hour. We walked to a parking lot, shared a Nature Valley peanut butter granola bar, and found a grassy area to sit down at. My mother texted me and told me to order us a pizza and that she would pay for it when she got there. So I walked into Dominoes with him, ordered a large, half-cheese/half-mushroom pizza, and we walked outside and sat at the end of the curb. The wait time was 15-20 minutes.

As we were sitting there, a couple skaters walked by us, and left. And a few minutes later, a group of African-Americans stopped at the opposite end of the building that we were by, and began talking very quietly. They walked towards us, very slowly. Adrian told me that if something were to happen, that I needed to run into Dunkin' Donuts, which was maybe 70-ish feet away, and he would hold them off. I felt myself start to panic, but was able to remain calm. As they were walking past us, very slowly, I could hear them making comments about us. A few of them also sized Adrian up. There were about 4-5 guys, and one girl, who was smoking a cigar. Strangely, I like the smell of cigars. And after they were about 20 feet away from us, my mother called and said she was parked in front of Dominoes. We walked to the car, threw our stuff in there, took money, got the pizza, and ate it on the way to Adrian's house. After that, I went home, changed into a tank top that Adrian gave to me earlier that day, and laid in bed. I fell asleep maybe between 9 and 10pm because I was exhausted, but I was waking up almost every three hours in the middle of the night, and eventually stayed awake after about 6:55 in the morning when I just couldn't fall asleep again.

*While we were talking, Adrian told me a couple funny stories that had happened very recently. His parents don't know about the thing we have going on, but I'm sure his father picked up on it.

The first one goes like this: Adrian and his father were having a conversation, and his dad asks "Are you and Kayla dating?"
"No, we're just friends," Adrian told him.
"With benefits?" His dad asked.
"The benefit of being driven home," Adrian said.
So his dad says, "There's condoms in my drawer... Just saying..."

And the second one: As he was going to school, his mother asks, "Are you coming home early today?" (because he normally stays late with me)
"Yeah, probably," Adrian said.
Then his dad joins in the conversation. "No, he isn't. It's the last day of school-" (meaning before the winter break) "-he's getting laid."

Heh, his dad knows what we're up to... smilies/icon_xd.gif

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