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List Three
List Three:

Weapons: 21 points to address
---refit all classes with nuclear shaped-charge missiles
---increase yield on nuclear shaped-charge missiles
---increase acceleration rate on nuclear shaped-charged missiles
---increase energy output of all DE batteries
---increase range of all DE batteries
---increase rate of fire of all DE batteries
---install heat sink and radiators for individual DE batteries
---install point defense lasers on all classes
---install shutters on point defense lasers
---install heat sinks and radiators for individual laser batteries
---increase output for all point defense lasers
---upgrade all DE batteries to fire bolts capable of propagating through atmosphere
---upgrade all DE batteries to fire bolts in kinetic penetrator shape
---replace nuclear missile bays with nuclear shaped-charge missile bays
---update particle beam battery information for all applicable
---update particle beam energy output
---install heat sinks and radiators for individual particle beam batteries
---install heat sinks and radiators for kinetic energy penetrator launchers
---update information in kinetic energy penetrator launchers
---install additional weapons systems to the Warfire-class Overnought
---install tactical particle beam batteries on all classes

Shielding: 4 points to address
---install Imp7G sites to all classes
---increase energy protection
---update information concerning deflection of charged particles
---update information concerning absorption of electromagnetic sensors

Propulsion: replace all main thrusters with pulsed magnetic compression fusion drives
---set arbitrary maximum speed when in atmosphere
---install heat sinks and radiators for individual engine units

Power Generation: 3 points to address
---replace current reactors with proton chain fusion reactors
---convert radiation to hear to vaporize water whose stream turn power turbines
---ultimately connect all to heat sink

Miscellaneous: 4 points to address
---install anti-gravity pads on the central surfaces of all classes
---upgrade the armor to be a heat sink
---integrate structural integrity force fields

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