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Poem 1
Death is the truth
And life is a lie
Because in the end
We all just die

No one remembers
No one will care
My existence
Is thinner than air

Words like forever
Never come true
And when promises are broken
So are you

The world is cruel, sad, and cold
I'm alone in the world
No one to hold

No one to smile
Be there when I cry
In the end
We are all meant to die

Life is evil
Because its a lie
We think we're alive
When we just wait to die

The world has no point
So why do we care
Status, hunger, the worlds unfair

Will someone please tell me
Why I walk on this Earth
When life has no meaning
Its only just dirt

The oceans just water
The deserts just sand
My world that I knew
Is very bland

What is your world
Why are you here
Are you alone
Do you have a home

Do you have someone
To stand by your side
To listen when your feeling blue
Oh if only I could be you

But people don't like me
For being true to my heart
The toss it to dust
And rip it apart

So why do I live
This life that's a lie
When death is so peaceful
And in death I can fly.