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My Gaia Family
I have a total of 10 Gaia characters, although none of them are true mules. Each one has their own personality and role, although they've all been scaled back from time to time. At one time, I worked very hard to personalize their profile pages, but haven't checked them in ages. Here is my "family" in chronological order:

Liatha is my original account and is most like me. She's been a centaur since that item was introduced. She is the keeper of bugs, ink and tattoos.

DanaKScully is from "The X-Files". She is the one who disappeared - I think she was abducted by the Zurg. (The story is on her profile). She stores flowers and Xmas items.

KagaKeiichi was named for Chairman Kaga of the original "Iron Chef" show. He started out as an "Outlaw Star" fanboy, then degenerated into Capt. Jack Harkness of the Doctor Who universe. He used to buy and sell junk items until I got tired of it. He is the keeper of Halloween items and is devoted to pumpkin Jack.

KiianaRho loves flashy outfits and hats. Recently she did a nifty impression of Martha Jones from Doctor Who. She hangs onto papers and hats.

Stelios of Sparta was created because I love the movie "300". After his Quest for Spartan items was done, he started a Charity for warriors. He collects bladed weapons and tries to give them away.

pseudoVash is a cosplay of Vash the Stampede from "Trigun". He's goofy and fun, and has gotten into trouble while flirting with girls. He used to run a "Trigun" guild, but I got bored with it after a few years. We did some fun events and contests. He collects robot accessories, food items, and Valentine's Event stuff.

SabrinaAlexander used to be NekoNyah, the Guild mule for Vash's guild. When I gave the Guild away, she was a bit lost. She's now an avatar for a real life friend who is a crossdresser and gun enthusiast. (Strange combo, I know). Sabrina is his female persona, so my Sabby collects every girly item and fancy dress on Gaia, as well as every firearm type.

Graceful Mule was created to store my extra stuff after Scully's abduction. She's the least developed of my characters. She stores collectibles and Easter items.

Anomander Dragnipurake is a cute cartoon version of a literary character who is scary as hell. There's a description of the book series and the character on his profile. Ten books that average 1100 pages each and require cast lists are a major challenge, especially when the violence and casualties make "Game of Thrones" look like a children's series. Anomander keeps the zOMG stuff.

UraharaGetaBoushi is a character from "Bleach", whose name partly translates as "Hat and Clogs". He got stuck with the miscellaneous Event items.