sora wonk
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finals procrastination part 3
tomorrow is the final final!

EDIT: As a testament to awkwardness:

My roommate told me his last exam was at 6. So at 5:45 when I heard him packing, I went to casually get an apple, so I could wish him luck without seeming like I left my room just to wish him luck as he left.

Is that weird?


have you ever fallen into a slump of just not caring? i always seem to by the end of the semester. memorizing physics equations just seems pointless. like when will i ever need this in my life.

i don't know how people convince themselves to do it.

i feel like my college education is a bit of a waste because i always forget everything i learned right after the class is over. science stuff is wasted on me. shoulda gone into art or computer science or even history.