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RP Characters
These are some of the characters I like to role play with, so if you wan't to role play with me check these out first! I'm a lesbian and I'm almost always submissive! These are not all of my characters, so ask if you want me to use another characte
Jayde Bell, 22

Jade had worked in the House of Grey for her entire life. Her family had worked in the mansion for 9 generations. The Bell family always served the Grey family, thats just the way it was. Tradition was a big part of the Bell family. Jayde was the first born daughter of her mother, Emily. Emily was the first born daughter of her mother, Tara. This continued back for over 300 years. The first born always seemed to be a daughter, and that daughter stayed to serve the noble family of Grey. The strange part was that the women of the Bell family never married, nor did they leave the confines of the house for anything more than groceries or cleaning supplies. The women of the Bell family served ever need of the Grey family, no matter what that need may be. This made things difficult for Jayde. She would try to avoid the men of the Grey family, leaving her mother to tend to their "needs", while she would take care of the women of the grey family. This served her well. Jayde would clean up after, cook for, wash, and even dress the Grey ladies. She did not need to be treated well because she had never known compassion from her mistresses. She simply took care of any Woman or girl that would enter the house of Grey.

Caitlyn, 17

Caitlyn had it all. She was intelligent, funny, exceptionally pretty, athletic, one of the most popular girls in school, and very wealthy. Boys wanted her, girls wanted to be her, but nobody could have her. Many people had tried but Caitlyn remain as the one girl that nobody could get. She seemed like the perfect person with the perfect life, and thats how she wanted everyone to see her. But Caitlyn's life was far from perfect. But there was a fog around Caitlyn's life. As much as Caitlyn went out with her friends, she would never have anyone over to her house. From the moment you walked past the archways and through the double doors into the massive entrance way it became clear that she lived alone. Her parents were rarely home, if ever. If you walked passed the entrance into nearly any room you would see things Cait had left laying around. Bright and colourful tools of sorts, some long and gel-like, some short and metallic, like silver bullets. There were small balls in chains and odd shaped plastic devices with buttons and dials. And there were magazines scattering the floor covered in pictures. But the one place that nobody could ever see was inside of Caitlyn's room. If anyone ever saw there she would be seen the same way again.

Alyson, 16

Alyson was very different than the rest of the girls in her class, and that was a very difficult task in an all-girls boarding school. Yet Alyson was very good at being different. Alyson was openly a lesbian, and an impulsive and flamboyant one at that. She didn't care that the other girls avoided her or that they always excluded her. She liked to freak them out a bit.

Alexandra, 17

A young and very shy girl, Alex has always been an outsider at her school. She keeps quiet in class and on her lunch period she eats alone before going to the gym, on a run or a sports practice. After school is often more of the same. She often notices boys peeking through the gym windows or staring at her on runs. The cat-calls come naturally and it has always made Alex feel uncomfortable. Alex didn't like the attention, especially from boys. Alex had never even kissed a boy! The only person she had ever kissed was her best-friend Sarah in the 8th grade, but Sarah started freaking out and hadn't spoken to Alex sinceā€¦ that's probably why she always felt so outcast. Instead, Alex just stuck to sports. Mostly individual sports too, because she always caught herself staring at the other girls in the change room and didn't want anyone else to shun her like Sarah did...

Tara, 22

Tara could be almost wholly described as average. She was a university student who lived with 3 other girls. She maintained average grades, was an average athlete, had an average job and took part in usual activities. She went to the gym on occasion and played guitar when she could. Tara was also a lesbian, and her roommates knew that, but they didn't mind. They all had boyfriends who would try to set their friends up with Tara, and they always had to explain that Tara wouldn't go for it. The only time that Tara was a little different was after a time of stress. She would let the stress build up, but when she released it she was anything but normal.

Shy little Nympho
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Shy little Nympho
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