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I guess this will just be for when I feel like posting something random. Maybe somehting I wrote, a joke I've heard recently, or maybe something I just really liked and wanted to share. Who knows.
If you read through, be prepared for errors up the a** lol. I love to write in my spare time and this is the prologue to a novella I want to write. I love comments and suggestions (even if they are negative, Just don't be mean.
Enjoy, and maybe if you like this then I will post the two-ish paragraphs I have done for the first chapter. If someone likes what I write I might actually have the motivation to work on it more.

◊ ◊ ◊

Life was young and the planet was covered in ice, a tribe growing large in size had begun to settle and build a community. They considered the place in which they settled gifted by the spirits of the land and felt it to be where they should live out the remainder of their lives. With the heat of their breath and the devotion of three generations they carved a glorious temple and many dwellings into the side of an enormous glacier. The tribe grew for several decades, living inside the heart of the ice and living off the meat of the beasts that mistook them for easy prey; soon only the monstrous white wolves and the cold itself were left to threaten them. The fear of the white wolf worried a young soon to be mother who only wished for the survival of her young; she went into the snowy wasteland to catch a hare for a sacrifice to the spirits and ask them for their gift of immortality for her child.
◊ ◊ ◊

The Spirit Mother Wolf rested deep inside the snow and ice, listening to the song of her children when the greeted the moon. When the moon reached the height of its arch across the sky, an eerie mist began to rise from the snow seemingly taking the fresh white of the frozen earth with it; leaving what remained as crystal clear water. The mist swirled about and became less and less transparent, slowly taking the form of large white wolf. After shaking off a few clinging water droplets from her fur, Mother Wolf turned to the small puddle to quench her thirst before it finished freezing over, rejoining the tundra. Taking on the physical form given to her by the light of the moon allowed the Spirit Mother Wolf to walk among the many packs that lived out among the snow and icy caves, visiting these packs would grant her the opportunity to bless their hunt or grant the upcoming litters with white fur and like hers so that they may better live amongst the land.
One night the moon began its accent into the sky stained with a red tint that bounced of the shimmer of the ice and filled the sky with the crimson glow. As the red moon reached its climax, Mother Wolf began to take her physical form but the mist that seeped up from the snow was not pure and white like the snow but a deep bloody red. Mother Wolfs form became solid, her fur looked as if its entirety had been stained with blood, her fangs dripped hot sticky blood that melted the snow slightly as it hit the ground, and she left behind bloody paw prints in the snow as she walked away, paw prints that steamed in the cold night air. The Spirit Mother Wolf was not herself, she tore into the throats of her wolf kin as the approached her and a nagging voice raged deep inside her head. “Give my child your gift great Spirit, I beg of you to give my child your gift of immortality.” Mother Wolf began to sprint far past the last of the packs and towards a large glacier that shot the red of the moon back into the sky with a hot glowing intensity.
◊ ◊ ◊

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