What do I do, when I feel like I should stop something wrong, do I take matters into my own hands? Or do I call out for help?
If the second option, who do I call for?
Then, would it even be worth it in the end?
I'm beyond helping myself. I can't, not the way this delicate situation is playing out. I can only deal with it and hope for better days.
But It was never about Me.
I knew my plans for the future ever since I was little, but what about the little ones now? I can't change my past, I lost my childhood and it is still causing me problems today, but watching them lose theirs is only making my heart heavier.

So tell me, at what point do i do something? What am I even supposed to do...

guess it's just the luck of our family. They say generational curses and misfortune last 7 generations. I hope mine stops, I don't want my children or new family to have it, and I hope that my old family gets better.

Family sure sucks sometimes ;c