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The Journal Of Bōhasu Mika (紡蓮 魅歌)
Song: The Child's Sentiment
Written By: Jeannette Anne Blanchard

I can't help but be in doubt
When I don't look like the man at all,
And we've hardly anything in common.
But, what if my theory doesn't pan out,
And I'm really his daughter after all?
What a fool I'll look to have been
To have ever thought to have raised the question.
But, for the truth I have got to go questin',
Because I can't accept the answer I've been told,
When it doesn't seem to make any sense at all.
I have got to unravel, and see what will unfold.
But, for now I stall, and I bang on a wall,
As I haven't the money to do a DNA test,
And my mother simply says to lay the question to rest.

All signs point to one thing, while I'm told another.
If you didn't cheat, then are you even my mother?
How can I trust you when your claims are questionable?
Wondering should be understood, and proving negotaible
When you don't pass at all as a man's daughter.
Why does everyone favor the mother, and the father,
While the children must suffer in ignorance?
To not hurt their feelings, there's a required silence,
But what about the feelings of the children?
It's a valid, and important question. "Are you my kin?"
Because I'm not too sure, and I can't believe you.
So, I'm asking, "Could you please prove that it's true?"
Because all I have is your word, and that's not enough.
Without any evidence, it seems a load of fluff.

So, to wrap up the song, I give you a summary.
What about me?
What about my feelings, and my right to know?
Maybe it stings, but you can eat crow,
If you're not going to answer the question.
And, your words are but clucking of a hen,
As factual evidence is the answer that I seek.
If I prove right, and you were too meek
To have told me, you'll be dead to me
As soon as I have a way to flee.
Withholding my heritage is a crime against nature,
Not the loving act of a mother.
So, if you won't tell, I guess I'm not your daughter.
And, until you prove otherwise, you can go to Hell.

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