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I Found Her
I found the one for you

I truly have

Striking and lovely, you'll stop that laugh

There was nothing more I wanted

Just to be in your arms,

But the storm has started

And my running has too

Remember the day we met?

The sky was so blue

It was snowing and I saw you

I couldn't believe my eyes

You were everything I wanted and more

But now my eyes grow sore

This feeling, not hatred

Not jealousy

But something else entirely

I found the one for you

I truly have

I told you there was a girl better than me

Yet why do you laugh?

She is the one I tell you

She's the one that will dance in the snow with you

Like I always wanted to

She is perfect for you

I am serious

Why do you laugh?

Is it because you know?

You know I want to be her?

The girl with perfect golden hair

The girl with perfect smooth skin

I admit she's wonderful

She's everything

She's your everything I promise

It will not be me

I found the one for you

I truly have

Why do you laugh?