Just stating the facts.
1. Im gay
2. I was born on a virgo /l libra cusp
3. Was a 90's kid
4. I have 7 tattoos
5. Im a Stephen King junkie
6. i wont wake up without coffee
7. Smoker
8. Only drink on special occasions
9. Favorite colors are purple and orange
10. I won 100 bucks on my first scratch off
11. I have performed acts onstage
12. Can quote movies in any conversation
13. Love doing the strangest things to get the steangest reactions
14. I am a massichist
15. My first vehicle was a dodge dooley extended cab
16. Have gotten my license suspended
17. Accidentally backed over a police car in the dooley
18. I dont care what people think of me.
19. If you say youre going to do something, you better do it
20. Im high maintainence
21. Im 24 years old
22. I scout bands and write music
23. I am allergic to turkey, peanuts, and tomatoes
24. Currently reading Stephen King's Lisey's Story, on pg 206
25. Big Quentin tarantino fan!!