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Lily sighed as she walked back to her room. The meeting with her parents had defiantly not gone how she would've liked. She the princess of Delphia would be sent away tomorrow to the kingdom of Stonehaven to marry a prince she had never met before. Not to mention the prince was a completely different race from her simple human self. All because it was suppose to help end a war that had been going on longer than she had been alive.

Throwing herself on her bed in a very un-princess like fashion she screamed into her pillow. IT WASNT FAIR!!! She was the oldest for crying out loud, because she was female and her younger sibling was male that gave him the right to be king and be put before her in line for the thrown. Not that her brother minded her being sent away . He had always been a bit jealous of her, whether it be because she was older, had done better in their studies or just understood the working of running a kingdom better she wasn't exactly sure. Laying there in the dark and crying she finally exhausted herself and she fell asleep for the last time in her bed.

The next day was a blur of energy as maids and servants bustled around her preparing her things for the long journey across the country. She just sat there just staring off into space as the last bag was placed on top of the carriage. Then her parents were there hugging her and telling her they were proud of her. Not that she had any choice anyways. Her mother kissed her forehead and told her to just be herself and the prince would come to love her just as they did. With the last goodbyes the princess climbed into the carriage as she began the long journey towards her new future.

Looking for a male to play the prince or the princes's brother. Depending on how the story goes. Obviously needs to be something other than human. Was thinking elf or humanized demon.

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