Water God Ninia
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Rusty Hearts
almost a month ago i started playing rusty again
i had leveled my magic sword angela just a bit when all of a sudden i couldn't enter the cathedral area
at first i thought i had done something wrong, i cleared the labyrinth countless times, did a story mode quest (that didn't effect it at all), and i even looked up guides, but nothing helped with my problem
i decided to search the forums to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem, and i found a few threads from months before.. they were either not resolved, or they had to file a report
a few replies said that due to the reborn patch, if you had already chose a weapon focus before the reborn patch (which i had done) and hadn't kill fluffy the next day, you were stuck
some other replies said they filed a report and their problem was fixed
some days later i decided to finally file a report.. at first it took so long for a reply and when i finally received one it wasn't helpful
when i mentioned it was a glitch, about a day later i received a message from one of the staff saying that i'd have to remake my character..
i was given a starter booster to "help regain levels" but i was pretty upset, others said they had missions added so they could get to the cathedral, so why didn't it work like that for me?
now i finally saw why alot of people would complain about the game being filled with glitches..
i almost gave up until i realized i had another angela on the other server (west) who was still level 1
today i finally gave her a try after working to get the magician costume! right now i'm currently level 4.
maybe over winter break i'll regain those levels and maybe i'll get to the cathedral area..! eh, who knows? i had forgotten most of the story, so it's pretty interesting playing from the beginning again.

*whew* that was pretty long.