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( rp story oh no she at the ghost alybliss DX)
alisa : *change to her princess ghost outfit* ...
vivi : you ready ^^
me : yea e.e *grabs her hand and eyes glowing blue while she floating* gaia_smilies/icon_angelicwing_right.gif
vivi : *sees me floating and grab my hand* ... princess alisa shimigami boo ...*smiles* your turn to a teen until you are ready.. understand..
me : yea .. *hugs vivi* T^T *sees vision of lea ,weegee and phantom worried* ... !?
vivi : o.o ? you'll see them ..ok ^^
me : okay ..*eyes closes and crying* ...
vivi : shh it's ok dear ... your aunt is here..
me : O_O aunt vivi ..my mama 's sister ! why you are here ?
vivi : your dad ...send me away from here....*sneers* so i'm the queen of the ghost alyliss .. until someone pull me out of here... -,..-
me : ok *eyes stops glowing and floats down* ... i can't be in the throne i'll lose phantom *hugs my aunt* ...
vivi : ik king boo making the dumbst rules... =_= sence your mom passway ..in a painting..
me : how can i get out of here.. ?
vivi : use your powers to get out of the alybliss. don't worry it takes 3 days for you too get out of here... ^_^lll
me : *facepalms* ...now you tell me.. oi lea might yell at me later .... ^_^lll
vivi : start training when ... alisa ^^ i teach you ...
me : ok *grab her hand* that's a promise... ! emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif