Okay so I haven't posted a vent here for a long time, but things are just getting so bad for me... I needed to get my feelings out. I think I did alright on this... Christmas isn't even two weeks away and I'm not even looking forward to it anymore... Seems like it won't be a happy day for me this year.

Title: Hurting (Vent)

She walked along the street, trying hard not to think of them...

What did she ever do to deserve this? Nothing! She did nothing!

But yet they were rotten and mean to her... She had been through so much already, and now they just made her go through more.

When she ever wanted to tell them how she felt about something, it seemed that her feelings and opinions didn't matter, her feelings were stupid and she just needed to get over it... They ignored her, they didn't

care... Not one bit. She tried to work things out, but even when she tried her very best it still wasn't okay.

Now she knew she couldn't trust them... Never again.

She was done... Done with them. Well... for the one she lived with, they were family... She'd never leave her. She had already talked things out with her... So yeah, but She had been crying for days, been so depressed... She couldn't even feel safe in her own house anymore... But it wasn't just that... it was the other three as well. They didn't live with her, but she knew them inside and out. Left and right... Well no she knew two of them inside and out, but the other only for a while... He seemed fine at first, but then of course he just had to do stuff... Mean things that hurt her... And no one really seemed to care if she got hurt anymore...

And so she just kept thinking of the people, who were currently making her her heart feel pain... She hoped they were happy... Happy that now she didn't want any part of them... Happy that she was hurting.