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Winter Break
Don't get me wrong I love being home, but I feel like I'm going to be so unproductive while I am home. Not to mention that my sleeping pattern is already completely out of sync to what I'm used to and I've not even been home a week. I've been home for three and a half days. I shouldn't already feel so bleak about my winter break. I mean I'm excited for Christmas and I'm excited for being able to participate on events on here now that I'm back, but I feel like there's so much potential to what I could be that I just will never achieve.

I think I might be productive if I set some sort of goals for myself? At least I'm going to attempt to do such. We'll see how well I do at this.
So today is 12/15 and I go back on 1/12 and by that point I want to:
- Review all of my three years of French
- Teach myself a majority of the French in the textbook I do have
- Finish writing a prompt for almost all of the prompts I have
- Edit my story and or begin work on more chapters of my story
- Reach level 40 in Neverwinter
- Finish my dream avi on here
- See him at least twice?
- Plan out textbooks for next semester
- Create more graphics based off of poems/excerpts of poems and professionally print them to bring back to campus
- Order x2 letters for this month and next month
- Identify at least one poetry contest which I can enter
- Go through and get rid of a majority of my old paperwork
- Create new pieces of jewelry
- Rehang artwork on my walls
- Talk to Ryan at least once a week
- Try and relocate Ali
- Write a short story piece based off the prompt I have
- Keep an accurate dream journal
- Identify potential internships
- Attempt to figure out how to TA for next year

That's all I can think of right now, perhaps more will come to me later.
Some of those are actually productive, some aren't, but they all serve some purpose.

Let's do this again.

- Build bookshelves/move bookshelves around
- Figure out textbook purchases
- Download more graphic resources/clean folder of ones I no longer need
- Bake cookies! Cooooooooookies.
- Get two new shops unlocked in Animal Crossing
- Get Sapphire & FC some people on here!
- Take a new picture of myself to use places.
- Sort clothes mountain (irl and on here) and get rid of what I no longer need.
- See da boy twice
- Figure out what's going on with that other boy
- LOOOOOTCRATE WANT OPEN SO BADLY(So hi I want to live through Christmas)
- Call with Ryan at least once?

Yeeeeh about all I can think of for now.