You may wonder, why do you have a song such as that on your profile?
You may be surprised.

But I actually really like it. And now, I will tell you why.
[choppy version]

One evening while I was living on The lovely tall ship Exy, I decided to visit my good friends/neighbors on her twin ship.
They were sitting in the aft cabin, listening to music and doing random whatnots.
The two men that sat there, I had become very used to. I sat down with a sigh and we talked and enjoyed each others company.
Songs passed by, we talked about random silly things, likely they drank. Then one song popped up. It was tuned up louder. A slight discussion was made-I like this song, it's weird, etc.
One of my friends sat next to/near me. He turned to me and sung with the song "Hey. You're a crazy b*tch." And trailed off muttering that he wouldn't sing the rest.
The other said to me 'don't worry I will.' "But you fk so good I'm on top of it. When I dream of doing you all night, scratches-"etc.
Some silence and chuckles followed. I felt so very awkward.
I'm sure there were others there, however I only remember vividly these two boys that sang to me..
Then there was a discussion about lovers, and scratches down their backs from the passion...etc.
They were all so open. And they were like, 'talk to us, tell us this-something embarrassing.' But I only shunned that and continued listening to them.

When I think about it now I can vaguely recall two other guys in addition. It was just a night of friends and silliness.
I am very fond of that memory, and thus-this song.

That is it. That is why.
Now you know. c: