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I got married when I was 19
Many here do not understand why i got married so young and think that I chose not to "live my life" and pre-judge me and the way I am before getting to know me and the way I view my marriage. So for those of you who it may interest- my marriage is a covenant. I want as much time as I can have on this earth with my husband, the one person i am meant to be with.

Here is how I view marriage compared to those who view marriage as a contract:

"Marriage as a contract: I take you for me and we’ll see if this works out.
Marriage as a covenant: I give myself to you and commit to this marriage for life.

Contract: is usually a written agreement based on distrust, outlining he conditions and consequences if broken.
Covenant: is a verbal commitment based on trust, assuring someone that your promise is unconditional and good for life.

Contract: is self serving and comes with limited liability. It establishes a time frame for certain deliverables to be met and accomplished.
Covenant: is for the benefit of others and comes with unlimited responsibility. It has no expiration date. It is till death do us part.

A contract can be broken with mutual consent.
A covenant is intended to be unbreakable."

~The Love Dare