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A Dark Christmas: Set in a world where Humans and Foxes live together, and can understand each other, It's that time of year when children cheer... But lately the joy of the holidays have been gone. When two killers, one dressed as a snowman and another dressed as Santa, begin to kill the Foxes in one certain town... Families lose their beloved ones... As everyone else seems to be hiding and bowing down to the monsters, two Foxes are more than willing to stop the murders by catching the horror.

"Kristin, come on we're gonna miss the movie!" Teague barked.

"I'm coming!" Kristin replied, running downstairs to meet her friend.

"I can't wait to see this! The Catching Fire book was sooo good!" The Younger Fox chirped, as she and Kristin left the house, and locked the door.

"Well remember I haven't read it, so don't spoil anything," The Older Fox smirked.

"Oh don't worry I won't!" Teague responded.

"Good," Kristin said.

Kristin and Teague were High School-Aged Foxes, they were roommates due the fact that Foxes did not live with their Families when they reached teen years.

Teague was a shorter Fox, she had Cherry Red Fur, a Black underbelly, a long bushy Black Tail, and Brown Eyes. Kristin however was taller, she had White Fur, an Orange underbelly, her front and back legs were brown, with a short white tail, and her eyes were brown just like Teauge's.

As two friends made their way to the movies, they glanced over to the stress across from them, so see police cars parked in front of a house."Must've been the killers again..." Teauge trailed off.

"I swear if they ever come to our place I-" But Kristin did not get to finish her sentence, when her friend spoke up.

"They won't, Kristin I promise," Teauge replied. Sure the small Fox wasn't sure if she was telling the truth, but she did not want to scare herself.

Then the pair arrived at the theater, where they went in, got their tickets, popcorn, and, soda, and then went to watch the movie.

But when the film was playing, Teague could not focus on it. She began to think about the two killers.

A police officer had spotted them a few weeks back, while trying to pick up a Fox in the park. They turned out to be two human men, one in a showman suit, and the other was dressed as Santa.

The cops could've gotten the murders, but the evil pair had gotten away before the police man that saw them, could call for back up.

"Oh come on, Teague! Get a grip... There is nothing to be afraid of," The Small Fox thought, trying to get her attention back on the movie.
A couple of hours later the friends left the theater and headed home.

"That was sooo awesome!" Kristin cheered.

"Yeah it was," Teague agreed, having finally been able to watch the movie, after fighting off her thoughts from earlier.

Then Teague and Kristin headed back home, chatting away about all sorts of different things when suddenly a certain Fox walked passed them on the sidewalk.

"Oh hi Teague! And hello, Kristin," Said the all White Furred, Long Bushy Tailed-Fox with Blue Eyes.

"Hi..." Kristin managed to choke out, blushing a dark red, as she saw her crush go.

"You still like her?" Teague questioned.

"Of course I do! I've liked her for so many years..." Kristin sighed.

"Come on love bird! Let's get home," Teague giggled, leading her Buddy down the sidewalk some more.
"This is like the best show ever!" Teague squeaked.

"I agree! Degrassi is quite a delight," The Older Fox responded, with a smile across her face.

The friends were happily watching some reruns of Degrassi from their season ten DVD set.

"Hmm... You know I've always wondered what would happen, if they did another story line about a transgender character," Kristin said.

"Well one things for sure it would not be the same," Teague sighed, thinking about Adam the first transgender character, who had been killed off.


A few hours later it was midnight and the roommates had gone to their rooms.

Kristin however did not go to sleep, she had stayed up working on her next book.

But the Teen-aged-Fox was interrupted... When the sound of screaming came from outside.

The Brown Eyes widened on Kristin's head, as she raced to her open window and looked out of it.

Then the scream came again... It was coming from the house next door and that's when it occurred to the young girl... It was the killers... They were going for the baby Foxes a human family had just adopted a week ago.

"TEAGUE! WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Kristin yelled storming out of her bedroom, and down the halls to her friend's room.

"Huh? What?" Teague asked weakly as she opened her eyes, after hearing her buddie's cries.

Suddenly as Kristin entered her room, the younger Fox just knew what was wrong... From the horror locked on the other's face was enough...

"The Killers...?" Teague muttered.

"Uh huh..." Kristin answered slowly.

"Let's go! We're leaving and heading right to the police station," The Shorter Fox replied, running out of her room.

After that the pair headed out of their home, and went right to safety.

One hour later the police had went to the house next to Teague and Kristin... Where they had found the two murders had killed the human family and had gotten the two baby Foxes as well.

The cops had also checked the friend's home to make sure it wasn't touched, and to their surprise... It hadn't been harmed at all.

Sadly though the Snowman and Santa killers had run off before anyone could get there... Which meant that they were still out in about.

"Okay ladies you two can go back home if you want. The coast is clear," A Police Man said, coming up to Kristin and Teague who were waiting on a bench, that was placed in one of the station's hallways.

"Alright. Thank you officer," Teague replied, getting off of the bench.

"No problem! Have a nice night," The Cop responded, before heading off down the halls.

"You sure we should be going home this late? It's one in the morning..." Kristin pointed out, getting off the seat.

"Well no I don't think we should do this, but I wanna go home," Teague chirped.

"You're crazy," Kristin smirked, as she then followed her friend out of the building, and back to their safe haven.
Hours and Hours passed... After the friends had gotten home, they both had gone to bed... But then as the

began sun shined the next morning, horror awaited them in just a little while more.

---Three Hours Later---

It was now Seven in the morning... Kristin was woken up by Teague who was ordering her to get out of bed.

"W-What's going on?" Kristin asked weakly, letting a yawn slipping out of her mouth.

"The police! They're all over the street outside!" Teague explained.

"WHAT!?" Kristin howled, bolting out of her room like lightning, who then ran downstairs and right out the front door.

Then as the 17 year old Fox saw the police officers... She also saw every family from the neighborhood in the daylight.

"Oh my god..." Kristin managed to choke out, as Teague came up beside her.

"I know... Everyone's really riled up for some reason," Teague added.

"Okay listen up everyone! The two killers who have been killing Foxes around here for a while, have hit

more than ten houses in this neighborhood last night! Many Fox Families are dead, as well a pets, and even some of the owners it seemed have been murdered too! Please be careful and stay safe tonight! Our station if always welcome if you need somewhere to come and stay for safety," A Police Officer announced over a microphone.

"Oh no..." Kristin said slowly feeling the fear begin to build up in her.

"It'll be okay, Buddy," Teague said, pulling her friend in for a hug.

"I sure hope so..." Kristin gulped, hugging her pal back, thinking about her family and other friends from school.

"Come on now! Let's go inside and get some breakfast! I don't know about you, but I am famished," The Younger Fox barked, letting go of Kristin.

"Sounds good to me," The Older Fox said, following her friend back inside the house, making sure to lock

the door after Teague had closed it.

"So do ya want eggs or bacon?" Kristin questioned, entering the kitchen with the other teen.

"Hows about I cook this morning," Teague offered.

"If you insist," Kristin replied, sitting down at the table.

"Oh I do! I do," Teague howled as she padded over to the fridge.
After breakfast the two Foxes washed themselves up, by taking a shower, brushing their fur and teeth, etc.

"So whatcha wanna do today?" Kristin wondered, coming into the living room where Teague was.

"Well hows about we watch more Degrassi?" Teague replied.

"That's fine by me!" Kristin cheered happily.

And so Kristin and Teague then watched seasons 11, and 12 of Degrassi all day long. It was a lot of fun!

But what would be even more fun would be when season 13 came on DVD! Then they'd have even more to enjoy!

"I'm so happy that's its Christmas break," Kristin said, as she stretched out on the sofa.

"Me too," Teague responded, keeping her eyes guled on the TV.

"Gosh why does this show have to be so addicting?" The Younger Fox added with a sigh.

"Beats me," Kristin squeaked. "You should've backed out of watching it before I introduced you to the most

wonderful thing ever," The White-Furred and Orange bellied Fox added.

"It's too late now... This show has me for life!" Teague barked.

"Of course it does," Kristin smirked as a grin spread across her face.
As the day passed on it wouldn't be much longer... Until the Snowman and Santa killers went after more Foxes and possibly humans as well.

When the news came on at Five Teague and Kristin were watching it, so that they could get the latest scoop on the murders.

"Wow... So many people died... Over 30 last night alone," Teague trailed off.

"This is insane! It's only a matter time of now, before our family and friends are gone... And maybe even us," Kristin pointed out.

"Then we'll have to make sure that doesn't happen," Teague replied, as a great idea that lit like fire in her mind.

"What do you mean?" Kristin asked with a confused look on her face

"I mean we're going to stop this once and for all! We are going to stop the killers," Teague answered.

"What!? But Teague they're humans! Crazy humans! And we're just little Foxes," Kristin barked.

"I don't care! We must protect our loved ones," Teague responded.

Then Kristin thought about the others she cared about... It was all she needed to agree.

"Alright let's do this!" Kristin howled.

"Good! Now we just need a plan for tonight..." Teague added.


"Okay here's the plan... We're gonna be out all night, checking the houses that haven't been hit, we'll stay together and if we see the killers... We'll follow them and see when we can end them!" Teague explained.

"Without the police?" Kristin asked.

"Yes! We must do this on our own! To save our town! You do want to stay here in Lilly Valley, right?" Teague replied.

"Of course I do!" Kristin said.

"Well then come on! Let's protect our home," Teague barked, as she led her friend out of the house, and closed the door behind them.

But something was already changing... The sun was not even fully set yet... And the horror had already began.
"NO! PLEASE STOP!" A Four Year Old Fox pleaded, as the killer dressed as Santa humped him again.

The Santa and Snowman did not only murder now... But they also raped.

There were holes in their costumes where their p***s, balls, and testicles were so that they all hung there in sight, but there also holes where the Santa's and Snowman's mouths were too.

"Come on, Boy! You want you want this!" The Santa killed laughed, as he turned around so that his 'parts' were in the Fox's face.

"Taste my testacials!" The Killer hissed.

"Not wanting to upset the crazed man, the little Fox sucked the testicles that hung through the cut holes in the outfit.

"AHHHH YEAH! THAT'S THE SPOT!" Santa giggled, as he then ordered the child to suck his balls.
It had been ten minutes... Santa had ******** the Fox to his liking, so the Snowman killer then stabbing the young Fox, and now that their pray was dead... The murders were now eating it.

The Snowman had pulled out the blue eyes and were enjoying them, while Santa ate the Fox's paws and legs.

And Santa didn't even cut them off the Fox's body... He just ate them off the animal himself.

"I love the taste of Foxes!" Santa howled cheerfully, with a blood filled mouth.

"I do too," The Snowman responded, as he then went to eat a an ear off of the Fox.


Teague and Kristin padded down the sidewalk near the park, when they suddenly heard laughing... But this

laughing wasn't normal... No it sounded evil... So evil that it sent chills down both of the teen Fox's spines.

Then both friends raced towards the sound where, they were greeted with the most horrifying scene that had ever seen.There was the killers... Laughing loudly as they stood up in front of a dead, and half eaten little Fox... This was also the very first time the friend had ever seen the murders, in person before...

The Santa killer was fat, he had on the red and white coat, he had a white beard, a Santa hat, a black belt

on his coat, red pants, and black boots. The Snowman killer had a snowman costume, it was all white, with three black buttons, the arms of the outfit looked exactly like sticks, he had a carrot noise, and coal eyes, but for some strange reason he didn't seem to have a hat...

"Oh my god!" Kristin growled.

"Shhh! Let's not let them see us," Teague said quietly.

Kristin nodded in agreement with her Buddy, as the two killers ran off from the park and headed towards a house down the road.

"They're just not gonna stop are they?" Kristin asked.

"Nope! Which is why we must make them stop!" Teague chirped, motioning for Kristin to follow her.

"We're going to see how get they into this next house... That way we can plan out our move!" The Shorter Fox explained, leading the taller down the street.

"Okay," Kristin replied, hoping that everything would turn out alright.

"Look! They're going to the backyard!" Teague snapped in a soft tone, running to make sure she'd keep in eye sight of the killers.

Kristin quickly padded up to her friend, the pair was now at the side of the house which seemed to be The Snowman's and Santa's next target.

As Teague and Kristin followed the crazed men to the back of the house... They saw the Snowman guy had a knife in his left hand... Yet Santa had no weapons at all.

"Hmm..." Kristin thought to herself, after seeing that only one of the murders had a power of defense.

"Hey, Teague! If we can somehow get that knife away from the Snowman over there, then they'd both be empty handed," Kristin whispered to her friend.

"Great idea!" Teague whispered back.

However before Kristin would responded... The Snowman used his legs to break the glass on the sliding back door.

"Holy molly," Kristin chirped as she watched Santa and the Snowman enter the house, through the shattered glass door.

"Come on let's follow them," Teague added, as she headed over to the entrance.

Kristin gulped, but still followed her friend into the house.

When the Foxes looked around they didn't see any danger... But suddenly a loud scream came from a higher level... Which meant they were upstairs.

"Teague, we can't go up there... We've got nothing to protect ourselves with," Kristin whimpered.

"If we can find the kitchen we cou-" Sadly the Fox did not get to finish her sentence.. When the sound of footsteps came from the stairs.

"We gotta get out of here!" Kristin hissed, pulling Teague out of the house and took them both behind a bush so that they could hide.

Santa and the Snowman came outside, dragging one baby Fox, and a teen-aged human Girl.

"That must be the owner," Kristin mumbled under her breath.

"What?" Teague questioned, not being able to hear her friend.

"I said that must be the owner," Kristin replied, pointing to the human girl that Santa had just thrown to the ground.

"Where's the girl's parents!?" Teague snapped.

"Beats me... But my guess is that she's probably 18 or 19, so if that's the case, she is mostly likely living alone," Kristin said quietly.

"That's true," Teague responded, as she watched Santa pin the human down, while the Snowman went for the Fox.

"Don't ya worry kid! Santa's got some great presents for you!" Santa laughed as he took off his costume so that he was naked, then the evil man got on top of the teen-aged Girl and went down to her 'area'

The Snowman killer smiled at his partner in crime, while he straddled the Fox's waist.

"Ahhh yes! This tastes so good," Santa snickered, as he sucked on the girl's v****a.

"NOOOO! PLEASE STOP!" The Human Girl cried with tear filled eyes.

"Oh baby! Who would want to stop this!?" Santa giggled evilly.

"That's it! We gotta get out there!" Teague growled.

Kristin was just about to agree with her friend... But then a sigh like no other showed it's self!

The Snowman had taken his knife and was able to cut all the fur and skin, from the Fox's face... The skin and fur fell to the ground. And what was left on the little Fox's face? Only the eyes, the nose and the

mouth... However the most scariest part was what the face looked like now that the skin and fur was gone... The whole face was brown and looked dried up, with blue and red vanes attached to the sides

horrified by the scene... Kristin nearly fell backwards behind the bush, but luckily Teague was able to catch her.

"Hey it's okay..." Teague said in a hushed tone, bringing Kristin in for a comforting hug.

"I-I can't take this..." Kristin managed to choke out.

However just as Teague was going to reply to her friend... Something else happened.

Santa had moved so that his butt was now right in the human girl's face...

"Now then, my dear! I have to go to the bathroom... And your mouth is going to be my toilet! So open wide!" Santa ordered.

Not wanting to upset the killer more... The human Girl opened her mouth and then felt as turds fell onto her tongue.

"Oh god..." The Girl said to herself, as she swallowed the poop.

"Good girl!" Santa cheered, getting off the his victim.

"Nicely done on the Fox, Snowman! Santa howled, looking at the brown dried up face. Now gimme your knife," Santa added.

"Thanks! And here you go," The other killer replied handing his pal the weapon.

Santa smirked as he then stabbed the human girl in the chest, which of course sent screams from her into the air.

"Now time to feast!" Santa howled, as he used the knife to cut through the girl's clothes, and then began to cut her left boob off.

Both Kristin's and Teague's jaws dropped when Santa put the boob into his mouth... And chewed on it.

Suddenly Kristin knew she just couldn't take it anymore... So the tall Fox turned and ran in the direction

where the monsters were not looking, with Teague following close behind.

"I'm so sorry! I just couldn't stay!" Kristin barked.

"Hey it's alright. Don't worry about it," Teauge said calmly.

"T-They're sick... Just sick," Kristin hissed as she turned and looked back the house of horror.

"Come on let's make sure we're not out here, when they decide to come walk the streets for another target,"

Teague suggested, as she began to lead her Buddy down the road.

"So what should we do now?" Kristin questioned.

"Well... Hows about we take a breather? You know go back home, relax, collect some weapons of our own and then... Go finish the job," Teague answered.

"Alright," Kristin replied.

And so the two friends made their way back home, hoping that their plan would work.
When the two Foxes arrived at their destination, they relaxed for a little bit, and then went to see what

weapons they could use against the killers.

"Okay hows about some knives, and some forks?" Kristin asked.

"Good! I think that's all we'll need," Teague responded.

"I guess it's ti-" However Kristin was cut off when a huge crash came from the living room...

"Was that the back door?" Teague questioned nervously.

"Uh huh..." Kristin replied.

Then... Santa and The Snowman killer stepped into the kitchen, where the teen Foxes were.

"Hey, Girls! We've come to give you some early Christmas gift!" Santa roared.

"OH NO YOU DIDN'T!" Kristin and Teague yelled in unison, as they both took a knife... And threw it at the murders.

The crazed men's eyes widened as the silver blades flew towards them... They were so shocked that they couldn't move.

It was then at the screams came from the killers, the noise sounded like a loud booming thunder storm.


The night had passed with many events. The police came and talked to the friends, who explained their plan

to protect the town and their loved ones, and that they only killed The Snowman and Santa out of self defense.

Teague and Kristin then were honored by the town, who were very grateful to finally be safe again. It was

only three days till Christmas Eve, so that made the people of Lilly Valley even happier! Cause the holiday would be peaceful for sure.

And none of Kristin's and Teague's friends and family were harmed or killed, by Santa and the Snowman!
That night the two buddies were watching yet another DVD set of Degrassi

"Well looks like we'll be having a great Christmas!" Kristin cheered.

"Yep," Teague agreed happily.

"I'm so happy we'll be seeing our Families in a couple of days too," Kristin added.

"You and me both, Sister. You and me both," Teague smirked, as she and her the taller Fox continued to watch the best show ever.