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The next morning Mami started her missions with Antonio.
First mission, I want you to bite my neck. Mami said. Antonio was surprised but did as he was told.
Gah, Mami squealed. Antonio bit and sucked further into her neck leaving a hickey.
After that was done they walked to school together hand in hand.
Mami~ Come eat with us. Said a few girls during lunch period. Mami agreed, Mami never expected it, but she had a blast with these girls she never paid much attention too. As Mami was heading back to class she saw Antonio carrying another girl who looked to be unconscious. It was Annabelle, as soon as Antonio walked past with Annabelle, she looked back at Mami and smirked.
Mami gasped and thought, what a brat.
After school Mami caught Antonio by the arm. Antonio was shocked, but he smiled brightly and smiled a good crooked smile.
Mission 2, carry me like a princess. Mami said. Antonio listened to Mami and picked her up and swung her around. Mami giggled and smiled, she caught Annabelle's eyes and smirked even better, except the face was pretty on her and just plain revolting on Annabelle. Annabelle walked away as if admitting defeat, but everyone knew that was not the case.
Back in her Kingdom everything was stil chaotic. Ameer and Antonio were working together to try to find out everything about Marina, but then they found Eomia, the nobleman from the next town over. Now Eomia, Antonio, and Ameer were working together.
I-I miss my sissy so much. Sobbed Princess Sariah to her fiancé William. William hugged Sariah and comforted her.
Don't worry my love, I'm positive she will return soon. He said cooly. Everyone was sad and mad and worried about Marina. They had no idea where she was.
Back in the current world Marina (Mami) couldn't have been happier.
Mami and Antonio sat down in a resturaunt booth. Mami sipped her coke.
Hm.. Mission 3, Nurse me. Mami said. Antonio coughed trying not to laugh.
Oh Mami, your such a baby. Antonio said. Antonio fed her the parfait she ordered, helped her wipe her face, and carried her outside. Mami and Antonio went to go see a movie after that.
I wish things were like this back in the real world.... Mami thought to herself.
What's wrong Mami? Antonio asked curiously. Mami smiled and looked up at Antonio.
Nothing I have another mission though. Mami said.
Already? Antonio asked.
Mhm, Mission 4, cheer me up. Mami said. Antonio did everything he could, he laughed, made funny faces, took her to the arcade, bought her gifts, and took her on a walk on the beach, however when Mami got to her apartment and said goodbye to Antonio, she found out the sadness in her heart was only temporary.
When Mami woke up the next morning , Prince Antonio was in her bedroom. The same Cool, Play Boy, Rude, Exotic, Crude, Mean, Selfish Prince Antonio, the exact opposite of Antonio in the new world.
Marina! Prince Antonio said sharply. His eyes were cold, all of the sudden the doorbell rang and Prince Antonio jumped. I tried not to laugh. I got up slowly and opened the door. It was Antonio from this world. Crap I thought.
Prince Antonio looked at Antonio and Antonio looked at Prince Antonio.

Ohhhlalala What's going to happen now ~<3 ?
Stay Tuned Loves

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