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My lifetime events.
If your my friend or whatever and wanna see what I do everyday, I'll try posting the highlight of each day. If your interested in horses, or 4-h, etc. You might wanna read my journal. ^-^
Today. Was. Awful. We were supposed to be doing a Christmas Parade with our fellow 4-h peoples.. I been nagging my parents for 3 days, my mom was "kinda okay" with it, and my dad was all like NO. smilies/burning_eyes.gif It's to dangerous he says.. But it's really because he don't feel like pulling the horse trailer, and then sittin watching us. It's like he is miserable. I feel like my dad don't love me smilies/icon_sad.gif .... Around 2 o'clock mom told me to call dad one more time for the FINAL answer, but he said no. My little sister had ballet today, so mom decided we were gonna take her to ballet, and do some returns at Biglots. So she said get dressed. (Around this time I started secretly crying because I really was looking foward to it, so I had to wait til I got to my room to cry) Then around 4:30 my dad got home. I guess he felt bad or something because he wanted to go duck hunting instead of taking us to parade. So he started hooking up trailer. Then my heart jumped with joy! Cause I actually though we were going. Then he came inside and talked with my mom (more like fighting) smilies/icon_confused.gif (Parade starts at 7, but we were gonna meet with 4-h at 5:30 to get ready and stuff) Mom was like, no we're not going now because you told me you weren't going, she said to dad. And I was like, he is here now so can we get along and go please? But mom was all like HURRY up girls we're gonna be late for (little sisters name o.o) ballet. So I had to toughen up and not cry, because once again we were NOT going to parade. (I'm not a cry baby, It's just im depressed because im SICK of my parents fighting, and how they treat me) So we went to town to drop off my little sister at ballet, and while we waiting we went to mall to get xmas gifts, which we ended up not getting anything because mom didn't want me paying alot of money for gifts for my family. So I have to wait and look online. -.- And when we were done with that, It was about 6:00 and we picked up my little sister. I was a little excited because we got the main thing down we came to town for, and we might POSSIBLY make it to parade. We would just meet 4-h people there, instead of riding with em at 5:30. But no instead we made stupid returns at Biglots, and went to Petco, for stupid fish. And ate at a stupid chinese restraunt. (Sorry if chinese people read this, the food was awesome im just mad/sad. smilies/icon_crying.gif ) I didn't even go in biglots, I just sat in the parking lot and cried the whole time because I didn't want to cry in the car with my family in their. And I imagined myself at the parade having fun and stuff, and my family in the crowd having fun instead of then looking unhappy as usual. Yeah im tired of talking about this, it's just making me more upset. Bye

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