Name: Aura
Age: 28
DOB: December 31, 1985
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.*

*Naturally has silver hair, but dyed to avoid getting stared at.

Personality: Aura is an incredibly shy woman and easily submits to authority. She is prone to hiding from strangers and keeping out of sight, but occasionally her curiosity gets the better of her. Contrary to her unkempt appearance, she has kept the house clean for the whole time it was abandoned. Even her little room in the storage space under the basement steps is as clean as it could possibly be. It was how she passed the time of her lonely days.

Since meeting Eunica, however, she has been slowly coming out of her shell. She is still timid around others and relies on Eunica to handle most of the talking. Her familiar, Gaspard, is almost like a teddy bear to her. Her relationship with Shepard is similar to that of a knight and his charge; the ram often looks out for her and the young familiar.

Background: When Eunica first moved into her home, in Littlewood, nobody told her that someone had already been living there. Abandoned by her father almost fifteen years ago, Aura's stayed behind, waiting for his return. Upon meeting Shepard, she opened up a little to Eunica; her father also had a familiar. Her father was a mage.

During the first two months Eunica and Aura shared the house with the other, they had a relatively uneventful time. Organizing Mordio's books on magical theory took a lot of time. Aura also revealed her own magical potential by accidentally summoning a familiar of her own--Gaspard. The sea dragon is nothing like Shepard was, when he was first summoned. It speaks in babble and seems to do nothing more than gnaw and chew.

During the investigation, it was discovered that her mother, Diane, had most likely passed away and became the "intended receiver" of all of Mordio's journal entries. These entries also imply that Aura was a stillbirth.


The background and personality will be updated as the story progresses.