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Until Next Time (2/3)
------Yesterday, I was reminded that I was in the friend zone pretty hard. I promise I would write his name so I will. Edgenis, my best friend was helping move some equipment yesterday. I'm too small to carry these big amplifier's using public transportation, because if you were raised up in a big city like NYC you would find that taking public transportation is cheaper and easier than driving and owning a car. Anyways he was helping me lug around my amplifier while I carried my guitar because we had a presentation for our music class that day. I would play music and he would speak poetry.

------I hate how patient he is, and how perfect he is. Yeah he has someone else, a friend of mine too. I hold no resentment for her because she had helped me once during dark times. I kinda miss her because she's so far away; Edgenis and I decided to stay here in the city because of financial issues. We were on the Four train, we grabbed some Halal food prior entering the train. He finds it weird that I don't like tomato sauce, or ketchup yet eat fresh tomatoes. So he usually gives me his tomatoes. I told him what happened last Thursday. Then he got mad at me. I find him really cute when he's mad sometimes because he acts like a little child.

------"No tomatoes for you" He said, pouting while stuffing his face with some food.

------"You're holding the tomatoes hostage because of that?" I giggled. "You don't even like tomatoes."

------"That's not the point though," He pointed his fork at me. "You could have ******** died, dipshit."

------"Well I know, and I'm sorr-" He then takes a piece of lamb from my plate. "Hey!"

------"This is what you get for trying to kill yourself," He then eats my piece of lamb that he stolen. "The ******** were you thinking?"

------I closed my styrofoam plate and put it in the plastic bag so that he wouldn't be able to steal my food. I took one of his unwanted tomatoes with my fork. But before I could eat it he strikes my fork with his own. I watch as the tomato fall into the subway floor. He quickly puts his food away like mine then we proceeded to have a sword fight with our forks. The situation has escalated more into comedy.

------"Why the ******** you wasting food for dumb a**," I said giggling. Then he pokes me on my side with his other arm, one of my weak spots.

------"eeeek!" I jump and fall down to the adjacent seat next to me. I grab hold of his other arm while I placed the fork in my mouth. I pulled him closer to me as I steal his fork. He was on me, and that's when It got really awkward.

------I look into his beautiful eyes. He's so close that I can feel my heart racing. "I got your fork?" I say with my fork in my mouth, giggling awkwardly.

------"Kiss her you dumb-a**!" I blush, as we both turn around to see that there was a crazy old man with his dog that watched the whole thing. Even though we thought that we had the cart for ourselves. I look back at him as he looked back at me. I asked myself in my head if he was gonna do it, but I knew in my heart that he wasn't like that, that he had someone else.

------He smiled halfway and sighed, He took his fork and got off me. And just like that the adrenaline dissipates, my heart returns to normal, leaving this cloud of awkwardness between us. I hear the old man yelling boo, and his dog barking. He was so disappointed that he switched carts. He was probably thinking that if he had left, then maybe things would happen. Or maybe that was just me hoping he was thinking that, and me hoping for it to happen. But it didn't.

------I got up and looked at Edgenis. He had gone back to eating his halal food, staring out into the window. I can tell he's really upset that I tried to die. I couldn't say anything nor do anything at this point. So I go back into eating my food as well, waiting for our stop to come. We stood there silent watching the snow fall out the window.

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Katsumi Miyazaki
Community Member

Wed Dec 11, 2013 @ 09:45pm

It feels like one of those love stories~ ;D

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