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Random stuffs
Some stuff I write when I'm bored and what not.
Starting all over again~ This time, the story will be called Ruin not long forgotten, and the main characters are:
Inei Pinflare: An 18-year old Chaser whose technique matches none. Of the top 5, she is the highest ranked Chaser currently and the one with the most elegant and technical attacks. A genius of technique, her moves are almost always unpredictable and extremely graceful at the same time. Her identifying trait would be her aqua blue hair, a trait that Treil says stands out a lot. She uses an S-Class Multi-Functional Weapon called Turquoise Frost, which is a deadly gun-rapier tipped with a bright red poison that slowly increases in severity, though it's invisible to most eyes and is only effective once she activates the Drive Engine's full power. As the name states, Turquoise Frost is designed mainly to be utilized with ice magic, as well as be compatible with those with a bluish hue of Bullet Aura. Though these are all her strong points, Inei's glaring weakness is her dependence on code and ice magic. She tries to keep fights short to conserve her subpar stamina, as triggering her Bullet Aura for too long saps tons of her strength. Inei's personality is typically quiet, arrogant, and demeaning, though she has her times when she can be kind. She tends to talk only when needed to, though occasionally she'll take the chance to make a snide remark. However, Inei is also very stubborn and dislikes things not going her way. She tends to talk more when her teammates or friends, and is known to bicker endlessly with Treil often, despite their relationship as lovers. Her innate ability is to analyze something in the blink of an eye, but it's limited by her knowledge. If she concentrates, though, it allows her to find out things she didn't know before. Enemies can easily detect her when she concentrates, and she can't fight at the same time.

Akazaki Starlight (Yumo Alumei): The 19-year old Chaser known for his sadistic killings, and impressive strength as a warrior and spell caster. He is only second to Inei, but nonetheless, much stronger in terms of attack power and able to take many hits from an MFW. Though he can be slow, Akazaki holds a sharp eye that can easily find a way to counter several attacks aimed at him. When his other personality emerges, Akazaki becomes faster than ever before, acting as if his MFW will not weigh him down, but his countering skill is limited, thus Akazaki's other personality, Psyche, relies on magic as his strength. Akazaki wields an S-Class MFW named Crimson Hex, a wide broadsword with a blue-tipped edge that draws on the life essence of others. Inside it are 9 canisters holding Sohl in a gas form, and when sprayed, it enhances the user's abilities. Each type of Sohl holds a different property. Akazaki himself is very shy, and tends to stutter and panic when talked to. He is often told he looks odd, due to his hair colour and eyes. He's a gentle, kind young man, but is actually pretty smart, contemplating the possibilities of events, as well as having a sense of sarcasm and tact, but this only stems from Psyche. Akazaki himself is pretty deceiving in terms of personality. If he has to, he will kill and do so without mercy. The mere look when he kills without mercy terrifies many. As for his other personality, Psyche has separate capabilities, but he thinks before he acts and keeps a cool attitude. However, his sadistic tendencies get out of control from time to time. Akazaki's innate ability is to change the way he moves, attacks, and acts without warning. This however, was originally Psyche's, as Akazaki is a fake personality created from Psyche's wish. Psyche is really Yumo Alumei, but due to the terms of his wish he was switched with Akazaki. Akazaki was originally a familiar Yumo liked to take care of, and when he was on the brink of death, he welcomed his familiar with open arms, and they merged their souls.

Treil Acaea: The 3rd highest ranked Chaser, known for his proficiency in all kinds of weaponry, despite being only 22. Treil has been described as a 'jack of all trades' type of person, but his abilities rival that of Yumo, Ran, and Inei. Treil has exceptional sync rates with his Soul Drive and MFW, making him even deadlier than Inei and Yumo. This, however, is limited by his crippling defenses. If it weren't for his Bullet Aura, one hit from an MFW would nearly kill him. His SS-Class MFW, Dual Anima, is considered the strongest one ever made. With countless combinations that transform the weapon into what he wishes, battles can be turned to Treil's favor easily. His sharpshooting is particularly strong, since he's got the innate ability to focus his aim perfectly on an enemy. Additionally, he can also read one's mind, but this can lead him astray. Treil tends to make harsh jokes against pretty much anyone, though he has his nice moments, although that tends to be rare. He considers someone "strong" if they survive 30 seconds in a fight against him while he uses his full power. Treil's signature accessory are his stylish headphones that never seem to come off, even when he's sleeping. This has to do with his unstable Soul Drive that can't control how much Sohl it absorbs, and thus, his headphones act as a stabilizer. Treil's proficiency in magic gives him the advantage of a variety. He's one of the only people who can resist the sheer tension that Inei's pure soul gives off when resonating Heartbeats with her, since his soul is also made up rather oddly.

Here are some terms I use as well:
Ikarian: A person who possesses psychic powers before they get a Soul Drive installed. Many Ikarians have the ancient blood that carries the potential the royal Ikaria family has. Most Ikarians have natural control over telekenesis, but they must have a Soul Drive to unlock the other ability they have.

Chaser: An assassin working for the Spirit Association or affiliated with a family who's part of it. Infamously competitive and ruthless, Chasers are feared, yet respected. One can only be a Chaser through a strong Resonating Heartbeat or signs of skill starting to develop at a young age. Being a Chaser is risky, though, as many die during missions. Only the best of the best are able to survive through the most difficult of situations. Many Chasers are trained at a very young age, which enhances their abilities.

Bullet Aura: When a certain code is input into the user's Soul Drive, it causes the user's body to emanate a light that, depending on the property of the user's Soul, gives its color. Bullet Aura can manifest into whatever its master wishes, and grows stronger as the user absorbs more Sohl. Using Bullet Aura for too long, however, can cause irreversible side effects.

Resonating Heartbeat: The "heartbeat" a Soul Drive gives off. Depending on its power, one's ability to co-operate with their peers in battle can change drastically. Soul composition can change this, say, if a person has an intensely powerful soul composition, it can throw off a person who can't keep up with them. The only person in the cast without a Resonating Heartbeat is Enn, since she does not actually have a real soul.

Soul Drive: The main powerhouse that fuels all magic a Chaser uses. Without it, controlling magic is extremely difficult, unless you are Ikarian. Due to its attachment to the user's soul, if destroyed, a soul drive can kill its master.

MFW: Specialized weapons custom-made to the exact millimeter of the requests. It's a vital piece of equipment that can project magic well, and better than a regular weapon. The classes MFWs are sorted into range from the perfect SS class to the cheap, measly F class MFWs. Despite their usefulness, MFWs are extremely expensive.

Drive Engines: The smaller version of Soul Drives within MFWs. While smaller, they are much stronger than a Soul Drive in a person and noticeably heavier. Depending on the type, a Drive Engine can have different properties. A high-class MFW will have a custom-made Drive Engine, tailored to its owner's request. Some Drive Engines have souls, like Dual Anima, but it's a rare phenomenon.

Soul Engraving: A marking of a person's soul composition. Rarely are two Engravings ever alike, since even a slight change in the elemental balance of their souls. A pure soul is a once in a blue moon. for the Ikaria theory states that a soul must have at least 2 elements to balance out each other.

Codes: Codes are used by Chasers to unleash concentrated Sohl in various ways, but not all the time are they used to attack.While Lyra Codes have pre-determined effects, Lyko Code magic allows its user to customize the effects of each Code input. However, Lyko Codes are hard to master and only Chasers in the top 100 are said to have enough strength to use them.

Sign Magic: The other type of magic available in casting magic. They are pre-determined codes, just like Lyra Code magic. However, Sign magic does not use the caster's personal Soul Engraving

Sohl: A power source that lingers in the air, able to be sensed by anyone, but only accessible to those with experience in magic. Depending on the environment, Sohl can be scarce or plentiful. For a Chaser, this is both a blessing and a curse.
This is all for now. I'll post up some more later!

Inei Alumei
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Inei Alumei
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