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Notes and Scribbles~
All the things I'd like to write. Feel free to read anytime, and I try to update when I can~ though sometimes I'll have more or less to say, but that's okay isn't it?
So school was actually kinda fun today. Kinda. Well i had a super hard biology test (with an essay question too) and a district writing test today. So those....eh. not so fun. lol XD

Anyways, I got complimented (irl) today omg. > w < and yeah im actually happy cuz of that X3 ppl dont bother to drop compliments at you unless ur epic or something. o.o meh. I was playing soccer during pe and i had my hands in my coat pockets cuz it was sorta cold, plus you dont use hands in soccer anyways. XD unless ur goalie, which i wasnt =w= and then i was just kicking the ball and stuff (with my hands still in my pockets... wait lol that probably looked cool) and one of my friend's friends was like ur good why didnt you join soccer or anything? and i was thinking o////o omg ty lol xD but then i didnt really say anything cuz meh. i dont talk much irl so i just stayed a little silent but kinda smiled a bit :3 so now im thinking if i wanna join a sport next year or something ima probably get soccer. but im too lazy for sports, plus i dont wanna spend hours after school when ive probably got a ton of hw to do. but i might join, idk, you never know ;o plus i pretty much suck at all other sports except for hockey and maybe table tennis. lol XD so if i actually get good at something then im happy ^^

About that district writing test... well, it was pretty easy. I just didn't finish it on time cuz i was on the second sentence of my conclusion paragraph. Come to think of it, i actually almost never finish any timed writings i get. o.o lol i usually run out of time near or at my conclusion. XD but oh well i get good grades on them anyways so who cares lol xD

Now that bio test though.... x.x i bet everyone failed cuz thats what they said. i heard the highest score a person got during 3rd period (i think?) was a B. and everyone also said it was hard. and...it was D; like i got stuck during the first half and some other parts, well, most of the test, i got stuck and i was like o.o did we even learn about...cytokinesis... and what the heck is... i dont even... -gives up and guesses on most of them- I'm guessing I got a B or a C on it. idk. I srsly need to learn to study more. cuz all throughout elementary and middle school, i could literally not study a single thing outside of class and pass a quiz/ test with an A or B. and i got used to that. so thats not a good thing now that im in high school omg x.x

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