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like a diary but not really
I like to think I tried my best
I don't like coffee
I also had the most freakish dream ever. It was like Melancholia with a Futurama ending..

Dream Start

It was the end of the world. Something large and round, and icy blue, was going to hit our planet. At first, it seemed like no-one knew, but it was more likely they didn't care, and they carried on with their day. So I was with the family, and we were getting ready for a party... it might have been someones birthday. You could see the blue rock (or planet?) from a distance coming in slowly. Scene switch, and we weren't together anymore.. I was still with my family (parents, siblings), and we were looking for shelter. There was no way shelter was going to help us, we were done for, but we kept calm and tried to stay optimistic about our impending doom. And so we found a building with an underground room. There were others there as well. We stayed together.. not saying anything. The earth shook, but the blue rock had not hit the earth yet. It might have been an earthquake instead. We were then kicked out for unknown reason. Soon finding ourselves in a shopping mall, we tried looking for shelter. There was a child with us, a baby.. I hadn't notice them before, but I had a gut-feeling they were family. There was a lot of commotion as the blue rock got closer. Still, people didn't seem to bother us, or harm us. They just rushed past one-another. And so, we found ourselves back on the street. We found ourselves back at the building with the underground room, which a bus driver had pointed us to. He was very calm.. considering we were all about to die. He did not follow, and instead stayed in his bus. The person who had kicked everyone out, was gone. Moments later the earth began to shake. Suddenly, a pink light filled the room and the earth shaking stopped. We got out of hiding and walked out of the building. The universe was frozen in time.. expect for us. Not saying anything, we started walking to the blue rock.

Dream End

Yeah, uh... later. Dreams are horrible.

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