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A Struggling Question
My husband and I have been together for three years. These years have been trying and difficult but we have made it through so much.

I suffer from such a try depression, and through this he has been by me. I could never bless his heart for much more.

Over the past two years my husband and I have been adding such lovely children to our household. As our now he and I have nine wonderful kids. Xander, Axis, Melody and Harmony, Lois, Calvin, Allison, Alucard and Cordelia is our youngest.

I slept with another man, his brother of sorts. This man and I had three of our own babies. Grace, Edwyn, and Axis.

Now he comes to me with a serious question. He wants to marry another woman who is now with his child.

I want to deny him and tell him no, but he says that he wishes to be a good father. How can I say no when I have been with another too?

I guess there is nothing but to say yes, but when I go to bed, will I be alone, will he be alone with me, or will my bed have three?