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I don't think I'm gonna even need this journal crap to rant on anymore now that I have this little friend I can talk to .- .
I may be a little crazy, but I think as long as I have my friends: UrrthKwaykez, Crimson Magenta, TAKO, DEDEXX, Yuta, Remedy, and, of course, Chi, then I'll be fine ^-^
as long as they're here, I have a reason to be here too.
And not only them! Making new friends is tough for me because I'm scared I'm gonna freak you out or something xD But I like making new friends..

Everyone says they have a voice in their head that they talk to, right? Maybe that's how they stay sane, I don't know. Just putting that out there.. Random thoughts.
Beep. Boop. Lala.

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