Pandora here! Since I was tired and wanted to do something fun, I decided that today's entry will be about my high school auditions. See, there's this school called LaGuardia (No, not the airport) and it's known to be one of the best performing arts high schools in all of NY. Today I got the chance to audition for one of their programs and I chose Vocal Music. Usually, when I audition for something I'm not nervous but just thinking about performing in front of these teachers who had done it for years made me want to throw up. Also, you wouldn't believe how many people showed up to audition for Vocal Music! I mean, there were only like 3 people for Instrumental Music and 5 for Dance but more than half of the kids who arrived stood up to go to Vocal! That didn't really help my nerves so I just stayed out in the hallways until they escorted us up. There, we had to fill out a ton of paperwork like on what experience we have with singing, what vocal ambitions (goals) we had and what we wanted to learn in LaGuardia. Then we had to wait in the hallways in different groups until the judges called us up. We were the only ones there and the judges so no one else but us three could hear me (Thank God!). I think I sang pretty decent but I cracked at a high note but nobody's perfect, right? If I get into LaGuardia, I think I'm going to faint! Although I might not get in based on my performance...only time will tell!