Atop, the window,
Standing far away,
Is your lover, waiting for the day,
You open, that window.
Against, the house,
Is my bike, I ride it,
To visit you everyday,
Its my lover, waiting for the day.
Waiting for the day.
I just sit awake, waiting.

So if you knock on my window, I may not open up,
for you see I am done with waiting no longer willing to open up,
I tried to wait but I just emptied my cup
With useless emotion, endless devotion.
I think, Im better off alone.

But, Atop the window.
Is my lover, standing far away,
Throwing pebbles, to try to get me play.
Im done with the games, Ive all withered away,
And today,
I will no longer.

No longer wait.
No longer expect results from time and space,
these quasars represent such far states,
Milk way dreams possibly were too sweet,
To understand the ideals I couldnt meet.

But! Atop, the window!
is my lover, yes.
She is standing, but I dont return
the favor.
The favor.

So if, you see her.
Just remember to shoo her away, because I am done.
The stars are no longer out to play.