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Silent Hill: No Escape- Chapter 12: Sherri
Frightened by the sight of Kora crying tears of blood, Kaz walks to the front of the hospital in panic and didn’t bother looking back. Kaz stays in front of the hospital as he placed his hands behind his back in frustration, thinking through what just happened back at the alley. As he begins to realize that Kora was only consoling to him because she didn’t know who else to turn to, Kaz then face palms himself for turning away from her. “What have I done?” Kaz whispers to himself, realizing what he did was wrong as he shakes his head to himself. Kaz then removes his hand from his face and turns back to the alley where he came from, and walks back to apologize to Kora. When Kaz enters back into the alley, Kora was nowhere in sight. Kaz, shocked now begins to wonder where Kora disappeared to, thinking of all the kinds of possibilities that could have happened to her the moment he left.

Kaz, frantic then looks around outside of the hospital premises in attempts to look for Kora. Kaz then walks out of the alleyway and searches in the front of the hospital in hopes to find Kora, now regretting the actions he made to her. Suddenly right at the front of the hospital sitting beside the doors was Sherri, who seemed to be gazing at the sky. Kaz then walks up to her, hoping that she would probably know where Kora was. Kaz then quickly greets her and asks, “Hey Sherri! Do you know where Kora is?” Sherri then looks up and notices Kaz and replies to him, “Hello there Kaz! Kora, I think she’s with Dr. Harker?” “But Dr. Harker left his office a while ago.” Kaz inputted, recalling that Dr. Harker already locked his office right before he left outside, and it hasn’t been passed an hour yet. Sherri, shocked to hear that Dr. Harker wasn’t in his office then stated, “I don’t know where else he could be then. Though, we could check the file cabinets up at the second floor to see if any of them are there since the doctor goes there sometimes. There’s something I need to check over there anyway.”

Kaz then asks, desperate to find Kora and Quincy if he could, “Can you please take me over there then?” “Sure. Follow me.” Sherri happily replies as she opens up the front entrance and Kaz follows her inside the hospital. Rather than going up the stairwell, Sherri then walks to the elevator next to the lobby counter and presses the button as Kaz stood beside her. The elevator door opens and both walk in at the same time. Sherri then presses for the second floor in the elevator and the door closes before them, levying them up to the second floor. The elevator door opens up again reaching the second floor, they both step out.

Sherri turns to her right as Kaz follows behind her and she come to a halt when she reaches the first door from the elevator. Kaz then observes the door Sherri stopped in front of as she pulls out a set of keys to open up the door and he reads the label ‘File Storage.’ Sherri places in the key, turning it around making a loud clicking sound and pulls the key back out. She then reaches out for the door handle and opens up the door before them. Sherri then hold the door for Kaz and lets herself follow after, shutting the door behind her. “Here we are. I’m going in quickly to print out two medical records and leave to check with Greta in the first floor. When you’re done checking in here, make sure that the door is securely shut, sometimes the door doesn’t like shutting by itself.” Sherri stated as she kept full eye contact with Kaz, with a smile on her face. Kaz then looks at her and replies, reassuring her that he was listening, “Sure thing.” “Alright then, you take care now.” Sherri responded as she walked to the computer and began printing out the two records.

Kaz then begins to search through the file storage, hoping that he could find either Kora and Quincy. The printer starts as it prints out medical records for Sherri to collect, and when Sherri was done printing out the medical records, she then leaves the room taking the medical records with her. Kaz travels to the very far back of the storage room as the door shuts within the room as he searches for Kora and Quincy. But to no avail, Kaz could not find Kora or Quincy anywhere in the storage room. As Kaz was about to head back, he couldn’t help but feel that he needed to peek inside Lucia’s journal. Kaz then digs into his satchel, pulls out Lucia’s journal and begins flipping through the pages. Kaz then lands on the page where a journal entry was written by Lucia, but noticed that there were not documents or articles attached to the page and Kaz curiously begins to read the page.

Journal Entry: The Surrogate

Though there was no articles regarding with this topic, I did come across a rumor about a surrogate within one of the patient’s journals left inside the room. Apparently this couple came to Silent Hill’s Alchemilla Hospital about 29 years ago because they wanted to have a child of their own. Within the 9 months, they’ve been under the care of Dr. Harker serving as surrogate parents. Rumor has it that the surrogated child they bore was not only Dr. Harker’s sister, but a vampire. I strongly believe that there is a high possibility that this is true considering what it’s also stated in Quincy’s (Dr. Harker’s) records and the fact that they are both from the same parents; just that one was surrogated according to the entry. I couldn’t find the child’s records for some reason…maybe they got lost…or they’re hidden somewhere…but it’s for sure that they are three copies of the child’s birth records: One that the surrogate parents keep, one hidden within Dr. Harker’s office, and one somewhere in the hospital. Highest recommendation: None, I can’t say who she is but I feel that she’s familiar.

Kaz then closes the book and sighs to himself, “This is exactly why she got herself killed.” Kaz places the book back inside his satchel and continues walking ahead towards the door of the storage room. As he reaches to the end of the back cabinet, a couple files fell beside him and Kaz suddenly jolts. Kaz, seeing that he wanted no trouble with the hospital staff, he then bends down and picks up both of the files off of the ground. The first file he picked up had to do with a cancer patient, and he glances at it for a slight moment. Seeing that it wasn’t of much importance he gets up to place it back inside the cabinet and bends down again to pick up the second one.

When Kaz picks up the second one, he glances at it only to realize it was someone’s birth records. As he takes a closer look, he now realizes that it wasn’t just anyone’s birth records, but someone who he held dear. “What’s her birth records doing here? I thought she was born in Brahms…” Kaz muttered to himself, now curious as to why that person’s birth records was found here in Silent Hill. Kaz then opens up the file and looks through it to find a perfectly good explanation as to why it’s there. Kaz then comes across their birth certificate, and his skin starts turning pale as he gazed at the paper. “It can’t be…” Kaz speaks in shock as his eyes widened to his horror of what he sees before him.

As Kaz gazes at the birth certificate, he then looks at the line where surrogate parents names were placed. On the line of where the surrogate mother’s name was placed, it was written on with the name ‘Rosemary Clementine’. On the line with the surrogate father’s name was labeled, it was scribbled above the line with the name ‘Solomon Hale’. Kaz glances at the line where it states the biological parents were placed. On the line where the biological mother’s name was labeled, the name was written above the line with the name ‘Wilhelmina Harker’. On the line with the biological father’s name was typed, the name was written above the label as ‘Vlad Tepis III’.

Kaz then shakes his head as he glances at the birth certificate in deniably, whispering to himself, “No…not her…” He then closed the folder, putting everything back in neatly and places it in back in the shelf. Kaz then places he hand against his head in frustration, as he remains in denial. Something then urges him to peek inside Lucia’s journal once again to look at something. Kaz though feels anguished from his findings, he decides to snag out Lucia’s journal from his satchel and opens it up redundantly. He then reads the article regarding with vampire rumors and a journal entry pertaining to the article written by Lucia, curious he then reads.

Journal Entry: The Vampire

I was right, there was indeed rumors of a vampire lurking in the town of Silent Hill, which is kind of strange considering that vampires are not supposed to be in Silent Hill. Well correction, it’s two vampires that lurk around in Silent Hill, one of them being held under custody by surrogate parents. Funny part is both of them are full siblings. Though I’m not sure where the other one is, but I do know one of them is definitely the doctor. It’s also rumored that they like to lurk at night and several characteristics come along with it. 1) No, they don’t burn in sunlight, at least not all of them. Though it’s the time of day where they are at their most vulnerable state. 2) They can regenerate, so don’t think that just a stake to the heart or a bullet to the head is enough to kill them. 3) They strangely cry tears of blood...very strange indeed. 4) They are technically dead with super human abilities, so don’t be surprised if they are running with no pulse. 5) Though they are immortal, they can be repented the same way as any demonic. I think this satisfies the journal entry here, so I’ll stop right here. Highest Recommendation: See them, you can either fight them or run.

Kaz then closes the journal and places it back in his satchel, and sighs to himself, “Tears of blood…” “So, it’s true then. She is one…” Kaz stated, accepting the fact of what his beloved truly was. “Well, I guess it’s not so bad once you think about it. I mean Quincy’s one too.” Kaz then smiles for a slight moment, as he was thinking about her while he was walking to the front of the file storage. Then Kaz recalls the event that happened over at the alley way, and sighs now regretting more for what he did, “Ugh...now I feel like a bigger butt…”

“What to say to her?” Kaz then gazes up the ceiling with his hands held to the back of his head; now unsure of what to say to her now considering that he already walked away from her when she needed him most. “I guess just tell her when I see her again.” Kaz says to himself, as he reaches the front door of the file storage room as he begins to smile again, relaxing his muscles. Kaz then reaches the door handle and pushes the door hesitantly, thinking about what he should do next. After a few moments of thinking thoroughly, he then exits the file storage and shuts the door behind him as he states smiling, “I’m coming for you, Kora.”

As he steps into the second floor hallway and securely shuts the door behind him as Sherri suggested, he immediately walks across the hall and heading towards the stairwell as he searches for Kora. By the time Kaz reached to the stairwell, a loud scream then screeched as it echoed through the hospital. From the looks of it, it seemed to come through the third floor, Kaz then looks up at the stairwell curious as to where the screaming came from. Sherri then appears again as she was running up the stairwell, panting in exhaustion as she reached the top flight of the stairs of the second floor. She then notices Kaz who was in front of her, and exclaims, “What are you doing here!? There’re monsters attacking everybody on the third floor! We got to get out of here!”

“Wait, What!?” Kaz exclaimed as he was in shock to know that monsters were lurking in the hospital. “Come with me!” Sherri shouts as she grabs Kaz by the hand and drags him down to the bottom of the stairwell. “But what about Dr. Harker and Kora!? Are we just going to leave them there!?” Kaz asked as he was panicking for the concern of their safety. Sherri then states, not looking back at Kaz as they were about to reach the bottom of the stairwell, “They probably left already with Greta.” “Are you sure?” Kaz asked, not sure on whether or not to trust her word for it. “I’m positive they did. I didn’t see them anywhere in these halls.” Sherri stated, reassuring him that none of those three were indeed anywhere within the hospital.

Sherri then opens the door and trudges into the hallway of the first floor as she holds Kaz by the hand. She then passes the lobby and makes a turn to her right, heading for the morgue as she continues to hold Kaz’s hand. Kaz suddenly becomes frightened and tries to pull away his hand from Sherri. Sherri then opens the door to the morgue, using her set of keys to unlock it, but then turns around the moment she noticed Kaz pulling his hand away from her. “Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen. We are just going to hide in here for the time being until the monster’s leave. They are already heading for the first floor now.” Sherri stated as she walked inside the morgue and stops at a small table with two small crates.

Kaz, believing her, walks into the morgue and follows Sherri to where the small cardboard crates stood. Sherri then opens up the lid of one of the crates and steps inside the crate as she was holding on to its lid. As she bends to the ground while holding the lid above her, she turns her head to Kaz as she urges him to hide in the crate, “What are you waiting for!? Hide in the crate before they come!” Kaz then walks to the crate beside the crate that Sherri was hiding in and lifts up the lid. He then places his feet in the crate as he slowly bends down to close the crate with the lid above him. The crate then shuts with Kaz inside of it as he remains silent in an uncomfortable position, hunched over in the crate.

Suddenly the door opens and footsteps echoed within the morgue, and it seemed to have followed around the room. As the footsteps traveled by the crates, a dead silence was left in the room as Kaz remained still in the crate, not moving a muscle. The footsteps then passed by the crates and a metal door creaks open and a woman attempts to scream. Suddenly the woman’s scream became muffled within moments. As the woman’s muffling continued to grow louder, a sudden metal pierce seeped into something fleshy and the woman’s muffling died. Then a loud thud hit the floor echoing through the ground as the metal thrusts out of the fleshy substance. The footsteps then echoed again near the crates and Kaz remained silent, too afraid to move out of his position. The footsteps then leave the room as the door shuts. The footsteps then echoed away from the room, and Kaz began to feel more at ease.

Sherri then peeks through the room, checking to make sure if it was safe to come out as she remains hidden in the crate. Seeing that there wasn’t really anything suspicious in the room, other than the fresh impaled corpse in the room, she then removes herself from the crate as she places the lid back on top of the crate. Sherri then turns to the crate beside her where Kaz was hiding, assuring him that it was safe to get out, “It’s okay. You can get out now. The monsters aren’t here anymore.” Kaz uncertain, then hesitantly removes the lid of the crate as he slowly gets up. He turns to his back to make sure nothing was lurking behind him and looks to his sides. When Kaz sees that there was no noticeable hazards in the room, he then steps out of the crate and places the lid back onto the crate.

Sherri then states as she gazes at Kaz, “See, it’s safe.” Kaz looks over at Sherri and nods, but then notices the impaled corpse that stood right beside the metal cabinet as asks, “What’s the corpse doing here then?” Sherri then turns at the corpse for a slight moment and then looks at Kaz and answers, “I don’t know. It still looks fresh so I’m assuming that the monster’s probably killed her off while we were hiding in the crates.” “I see. Seems legit.” Kaz replies as he gazes at the body of the impaled woman. Sherri then walks over to the body and carries it over to one of the small open doors stacked against the wall and removes a tray from there, big enough to carry a body. Sherri then places the body onto the tray casting a sheet over it as she places the tray back into the door and closes the small door before her.

Sherri walks away from the stacked doors and heads for the sink to wash her hands. When she was done washing her hands by the sink, she quickly grabs some paper towels and disposes it into the waste bin as she walks to the door. “I’m going to be walking outside. If you want to come along that’s fine. I’m not planning to stick around here any longer.” Sherri notifies Kaz as she leaves the morgue with the door wide open. Kaz then follows her as he walks to the door about to leave the morgue. Suddenly, something insists him to peek inside Lucia’s journal, as if it was warning him about something. Kaz then pulls out Lucia’s journal and opens up to an article about the succubus with something written on the side from Lucia.

Journal Entry: The Succubus

Though I am not entirely sure if this is true, considering that this is unheard of within Silent Hill’s territory. There is a rumor about a succubus lurking within Silent Hill, willing to feed of energy of young men through…sexual intercourse. Okay, well they did say succubus for a good reason, but they didn’t need to go that far. When she gets the chance, she will feast off of the man’s energy, killing him. Though this kind of activity has not occurred within 30 years, so it’s hard to say whether or not such thing exists in Silent Hill. Highest Recommendation: If you’re a guy, hide from her if you can.

Kaz then closes the book and places it back in his satchel and sighs frustratingly, “Great, just what we need besides an incubus…a succubus.” Kaz then leaves the room and shuts the door behind him, making sure it’s locked and heads out to the front of the hospital. Kaz passes the lobby counter and walks straight to the double doors of the hospital entrance. Kaz reaches for the door handle of one of the double doors and pulls it open as the sirens begin to blast out. Kaz then exits the hospital and shuts the door behind him, making sure that the monsters don’t follow him out of the hospital. As he walks away from the hospital, he notices that Sherri was waiting for him in front of the hospital, with her uniform slightly unbuttoned.

Kaz then walks up to her and asks, “So do you know where Dr. Harker and Kora are?” “Um…I haven’t seen them yet so far…why?” Sherri replied, though she sounded very strange as she was talking to him, almost as if she was being flirtatious with him. “Why don’t we go look for them?” Kaz suggested as he was about to head out for the school, not looking back at the hospital. Sherri then follows him, not saying anything to him for a few moments though she blushes at him. As the both reach the school and enter the school courtyard, Sherri then comes up from behind Kaz as she throws herself to him with her breasts against his neck as she says, “So what do you plan to do after you find them?” Kaz, feeling uncomfortable that her breasts were between his neck then pushes her away as he replies, “I plan to apologize to Kora and tell her how I feel about her. Then I plan to get out with her, Dr. Harker and Alyssa.”

“I see…” Sherri then walks to the side of Kaz and walks to him by the front with a scowl, seeming displeased by the results. “So Kaz…how do you feel about Kora?” Sherri then began interrogating him with her arms crossed. “We’re just band members and good friends…” Kaz replied as he blushed heavily the moment that the question was brought up. “Then you wouldn’t mind me doing this then?” Sherri then asked as she reaches her hand down to his groin and squeezes it. Kaz then moans heavily, now beginning to feel more uncomfortable by this advancement despite its temptation. Kaz then shoves Sherri away from him as he shouts, “The hell!? Get off of me you slut!!!” “So you do like her then…” Sherri then glares at Kaz, angered at his response and the fact that this guy can’t be taken down that easily like she hoped. Kaz then blushes heavily, but seeing he is really getting uncomfortable of Sherri he then responds, “In truth, yes. What about it?” Sherri the grimaces as she walks over to Kaz and grabs him by the face, pulling his lips forward to him by force. Kaz though attempted to thrust his head back away from her; he fails to accomplish this as he was kissed by force.

As Sherri kisses him, he squirms in attempts to try and break away from her. Before long, a demon tail seeped through under her skirt and bat wings formed on her waist, ripping her skirt to shreds. Kaz eyes widens as he was witnessing it, now trying to harder to break away from the beast. But this wasn’t the worst of it, for when he gazed at her face, horns began forming on the side of her head. Kaz then realizes that Sherri was indeed the succubus along and was hiding it under everybody’s noses. Kaz then breaks free from her just before she could do anything else by shoving her away from him. Kaz then punches her in the face as he falls flat on the ground, scooting away from her as he unstraps his metal pipe from his satchel and quickly grabs on to it with his hand.*

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