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DSD - Chapter 3

When I was born, I was 10 years old, the doctor looked at this boy in the eyes and said, “This is how a real
baby man looks like”, and so I grabbed his junk and jerked it off twice, stood up, looked at my mom in the
eyes, and said “this is where I shall take my leave, my maiden”, so I was 10 years old living on the streets.
starving, and just generally dying, until one day I found the seven dragonballs, and wished for three pieces
of bread with the three wishes, and now I had food for one day. a week later, I was near death, until I saw
an octopus walking down the street, and was like “nah son, he gonna die today” and then I tripped and stabbed
myself and died, I was now a spirit and the grim reaper came to get me, he was like “u ded” and I said “word,
you ded” and then I beat the hell out of the grim reaper and took his scythe and I was now the grim reaper.
so I jerked off his junk twice and left, I walked down the corner and said, “I quit, this job is too tiring”
so I jumped back into my body and came back to life, I was now in the hospital, I was in a coma, 10 years later
I opened my eyes, I was now 6 years old. and there was a person crying next to me, it was an octopus, so I broke
his neck and then cried with him. I got up and jumped off the window and died again, now I was playing league
and was 30-0 and was about to get a penta kill and then had an heart attack and died. so I woke up in cold sweat,
"Oh man that was a crazy dream" and then someone broke into my house and shot me down and I was like "nah son"
I got up and grabbed him and killed him for shooting me and then I slipped on a goldfish and died. plot twist,I was always just in a coma this entire time, plot twist again, I am fetus