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DSD - Chapter 2

I was on a flight china to see my girlfriend, I was sleeping on the airplane and some guy had farted, So I woke up and desperately tried to open a window in my airplane, and then I saw it, it was a burning airplane right next to mines, people were jumping, saving themselves, so i was relieved to a certain extent but then i saw it, a tiger at the back of the burning airplane through the window, our eyes met and i knew deep inside its soul, it wanted to be saved. So i opened the door of my airplane, killing everyone inside, jumped across, landing in the burning airplane, I started running to the back fighting through the fire and the snakes, grabbing the snakes when they jumped at me and throwing them back. I heard a scream, one of the snakes I’ve thrown back, bit Samuel L. Jackson in the neck, the last thing he ever said was ” I’m tired of these damn snakes, on this damn plane” R.I.P, I finally got to the back, and me and the tiger looked at each other, the tiger didn’t know i was trying to save it, so he jumped at me with the intention of killing me, I was like “Nah son, this is not how it’s going to be” I slipped under and grabbed him from the back, I was doing my special technique, that i used to do in the WWE the master lock and the tiger tapped out and when he turned around to say “Good fight”, I punched him in the face and knocked him out, put him on my back and then i heard someone screaming for help, it was a little girl, she was like “Please help me…”, I was like GURRRLL, don’t you see this tiger and I jumped off the airplane with the tiger, landing in a puddle that was only half a inch, saving me and the tiger, now this tiger serves me as a pet for the rest of its life.